Naughty boy Andy!

When the past catches up to you…

Today, while on FB, I noticed a picture attached to a newspaper article link and I immediately recognized the photo and I just had to laugh.

Andy Blume wrote an awful blog post about me last year. People commenting on his blog weren’t much nicer. I followed Andy on twitter and we bantered back and forth. He actually warned me before he wrote his second blog post.

I often wondered if Andy was really a tram driver. I wondered how someone could tweet while driving and get away with it. I guess this week he took a pic of someone who really didn’t like it. Or he crashed into them.

The Herald Sun wrote a story on Andy and reported his blog and twitter account to Yarra Trams. There’s even a second opinion piece…

Oh Andy, I guess now you’ll know what it’s like to be on the Internet and have people judging you.


3 Replies to “Naughty boy Andy!”

  1. His cronies were no better than his total BS rant. Sit back and smile Sarah, what goes around comes around – and his arse and foul ways have come around.
    They say Karma is a bitch but Karma doesn’t happen until the next life, that being said, I hope he enjoys his next life as a cane toad.


  2. No, Andy was spot on. His two blog posts had you down to a tee, Sarah.
    I guess now he’s more famous than you. Although unlike you, he didn’t clamour and grasp for it.

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