Hey Dad..!

Most people know me best for my time as Jenny Kelly on Hey Dad..!

Here’s some pics from throughout the years. We made the pilot when I was just 6 years old and I quit when I was 15. It was the late 80’s, early 90’s, which explains a lot about the outfits and hairstyles. Although, with the 80’s making a comeback, I might just be fashionable again…

For those of you questioning why I would put these pics up on my site, it’s almost a full 3rd of my life I spent working on that show. I don’t hate the whole show, just what happened to me. I still love the rest of the cast and crew.

Original Cast.

Robert Hughes, Julie McGregor, Simone Buchanan, Chris Truswell, Paul Smith and Sarah Monahan

New season with Chris Mayer replacing Paul Smith as Simon

Gotta love the pre signed fan cards.

The later years, with Rachel Beck and Ben Oxenbould

Where are they Now? 2007
Where are they Now? Hey Dad reunion 2006