Sarah Monahan

I’m Back! 

After a long hiatus from acting, but staying busy changing laws and writing biographies, I’m ready to be a part of the entertainment industry again.

I’ve got a new agent, Smith and MacDonald, and I’m ready to act, present, host, quiz, talk and all the other stuff. Just don’t ask me to sing. I mean, we can all sing, it’s just whether we can do it well, and I know my limitations. I’m great at all the other stuff though. 😉 Especially speaking. Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves? So have me talk at one of your events.

There’s so many amazing shows and movies coming out right now, and I can’t wait to be part of it.

For more current things, or to just say Hi, I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and you can even hear my funny accent on YouTube.

Here’s a to all the important stuff.