Corey Feldman Goes Public

Corey Feldman talks about Pedophiles in Hollywood

On an ABC special episode on Underage and Famous this week, Corey Feldman shocked a lot of viewers by coming out and saying the biggest problem for kids in Hollywood is always will be Pedophiles.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The reaction is also similar. People have come out on blogs calling Corey a has been seeking another minute of fame. They’re saying he must be trying to get another production greenlit. They say he should name names or STFU.
Are these the same 5 jaded people with nothing better to do?

I hope he doesn’t name anyone. For one thing, there’s more than one crooked person in the industry. If he names one, all focus turns to that person. People get complacent and forget about all the other perps. We need to come together and stand as one and fight the industry as a whole. Focusing on one story doesn’t help anyone. People should applaud Corey for coming forward and shedding light on the industry, not shun him and assume he’s got an alterior motive.

I stand with Corey. I support him and believe him. I hope more actors will stop thinking about maintaining the status quo and start speaking up for what’s right. The protection of the future generation is more important than an acting job