Creating Fame

Does publicity alone make someone famous?

I’ve often wondered whether someone could manipulate the media to become famous. I mean, Socialites have done it for years. People hang out at clubs or places where they could be seen in the social pages. But normally they were rich to begin with. Paris Hilton was a socialite, but she was rich. She hung out in the right circles. Same with Kim Kardashian. She was rich, her dad was famous. She hung out with the right crowd. Remember when she used to hang out with Hilton?

But can paparazzi and the media take a normal person and make them famous? Could Perez Hilton and TMZ manipulate their resources to make someone famous? Could they take ordinary people and make them famous? Lots of families are getting famous by getting a reality show, but can you make people famous without it? Just how much power do bloggers and celebrity gossip sites have? Can they create a celebrity just by showing their faces all the time?

Seems like they’re trying to find out….  TMZ is advertising for a family to move to LA. I wonder if they’re going to try to make a new Kardashian family.

Should be an interesting experiment. For years the media has manipulated us and told us what we’re supposed to find attractive. Some years it’s skinny, now we’re going back to curvy. The networks seem to pick a target and make sure that we all fall in love with them, even if they’re not a great actor… It’s not just Hollywood. There’s people in every country who is seems have been chosen to be the next big thing. I’ve always thought Executives do it just to see if they can.

I won’t be applying to be part of the TMZ show, but I do think it will be an interesting social experiment to watch.

Do you think the paparazzi alone can make someone famous? Do you think they should?