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Bravehearts launches new training workshops

Bravehearts has launched three new workshops to meet every level of demand in helping the community to understand and respond to Child Sexual Assault. The five tiers of workshops now available are listed below and will cover everyone from general members of the community to Child Care Workers, Primary Teachers, Support Workers and Psychologists.
  1. Supporting Hands: Introduction to Child Sexual Assault (2 hours)
  2. Responding to Disclosures (3 hours)
  3. Teachers and Educators: Responding to Child Sexual Assault (6 hours)
  4. Support Workers and Foster Carers: Responding to Child Sexual Assault (7 hours)
  5. Practitioner Workshop: Working with Child Sexual Assault (2 days)
Bravehearts now offer great incentives to organisations to implement specialist training into their staff induction and continuing staff professional development programs. Our workshops are delivered nationally.
Click here to download the latest workshop brochure or contact for more information.

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  1. Hi Sarah – I was a friend of yours on FB & know you probably had to take it down because of all the legal stuff going on. I just wanted to say that I fully support you & wish you well in your legal fight. You were a victim & the only way to no longer be traumatised is to see that justice is finally done. You are doing the right thing & remember that you are not alone – many people out there support you. I made a number of good friends through your FB site who we’re standing up for you. They are all really good people. It was a shame your FB site had to be taken down due to legal reasons. At the end of the day, when all is said & done…in your old age you’ll thank yourself for having taken this as far as it could go. Anyone who behaves inappropriately towards a child needs to be exposed. It does take a lot of courage to do that – but when you’re older, you’ll realise what a strong person you were through it all. It’s terrible that these things often happen to good people & nobody wants to waste time or emotions going through court cases – I hope you sue the pants off that mongrel for damages (loss of income & emotional trauma, etc for what he did to you). Don’t ever give up on this Sarah – you have so much support & you’ll get through it…such a shame you had to go through all of this, but just remember that many others have been through worse & you’re a strong person. Some people are just ugly & need to be exposed – but I hope you sue him for every cent you can get. I just wanted you to know that I wish you well & so do many others who were on your FB. Just keep up the strength – when you’re 90, you’ll know that the fight was all worthwhile to have that creep brought to justice. Sorry you had to go through it all. All the best, Heidi X X X

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