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Bravehearts launches new training workshops

Bravehearts has launched three new workshops to meet every level of demand in helping the community to understand and respond to Child Sexual Assault. The five tiers of workshops now available are listed below and will cover everyone from general members of the community to Child Care Workers, Primary Teachers, Support Workers and Psychologists.
  1. Supporting Hands: Introduction to Child Sexual Assault (2 hours)
  2. Responding to Disclosures (3 hours)
  3. Teachers and Educators: Responding to Child Sexual Assault (6 hours)
  4. Support Workers and Foster Carers: Responding to Child Sexual Assault (7 hours)
  5. Practitioner Workshop: Working with Child Sexual Assault (2 days)
Bravehearts now offer great incentives to organisations to implement specialist training into their staff induction and continuing staff professional development programs. Our workshops are delivered nationally.
Click here to download the latest workshop brochure or contact for more information.