Are You Ok day?

20120917-122206.jpgAre you OK?

So last Thursday was are you R U OK Day? Funnily enough, no one asked me on that day…  Importantly though, the day must have made an impact on people, at least I hope it did, and it wasn’t just one great caring person out there….

Today, I got to work, my back was having a spasm, and then the boys came in. I went to get my chai. I turned on music videos. I figured with music instead on CNN, there might be some kind of calm. Nope, the grumpy one decided to just start ripping apart every music video….

So, as I listen to Mr Negativity, while looking at pictures of decapitated people for my job, I came about 5 seconds from crying. Which my husband will tell you is a pretty big deal. We’ve been together for about 12 years, and he’s seen me cry maybe 5 or 6 times. I just don’t cry. When I do, it  kinda freaks him out, because he’s used to me being GI Jane.

So, as I was letting loose on Twitter, because I can sit at my desk and vent that way, I got a message from Annmaree Harris. It was a very simple, Hey, Are you OK? It was such a simple tweet, but it made me stop and smile. It made everything in the office fade away. It reminded me there are good people out there, and it was all going to be OK.

With all the talk about trolls on Twitter and FB, and how people should just stay off it if they don’t like the negativity, I’d like to say that today I had the opposite. I had a person on Twitter make me feel good about myself. I had someone use it to reach out and check that I was fine.

Let’s not let the trolls win. Lets remember to be nice to each other. Lets not only ask each other if we’re OK on that one day in September. If someone looks like they might need a hug, go ahead and ask them if they’re OK. That might be all they need.

Thanks @emaliine for caring today.