What is wrong with courts in Australia?

When rapists are let off, and journalists are jailed…

There was an awful story in the paper today about a girl who was raped for years by her father, she made it to court, and the piece of shit was let off by the judge on a good behavior bond. This man raped his own child for five years. He even raped her in the bed with the mother there. Yet somehow, the judge feels that he didn’t deserve jail time.

Even worse, this isn’t an isolated case. Time after time, Judges are not even giving the minimum sentence to rapists and child molesters. They are continually giving them a simple slap on the wrist, and then, once they’ve been to court, they are protected by the courts. The names and crimes are suppressed. The community doesn’t know who these sexual deviants are. They are allowed back into the community, where they are free to continue their predatory ways.

Meanwhile, people like Derryn Hinch, who dare to try to protect the community, by naming and shaming some of these people, gets sent to jail. He was arrested again last week, because he named a man who was on parole, and should have been back in jail. Instead, the man was out, and he raped and murdered another woman.

Can somebody please explain to me why somebody who rapes a child is allowed to go free, while someone who names a rapist is sent to prison? Where is the logic? Why do we keep protecting these people? Why are we so concerned about the rights of these people, who clearly aren’t concerned about the rights of their victims?

Something needs to be done. We can’t continue to allow sexual predators a free pass, while punishing those who try to make the world a safer place.

Side note: I wonder how a lawyer can feel so concerned for the rights of the victim in the above case, when the following day he’s representing somebody charged with rape? How can you honestly represent both sides of the debate? Can you really give your all to a victim of a rapist, and the next day argue that another rapist is innocent?


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  1. You obviously are not much of a “fact checker”
    Hinch molested a 15 year old child when he was in
    his early 30s as a journalists. He admitted to the offence
    in 2005, both in a radio interview and in a book he
    published. On Facebook, he also offers up a great defence
    citing that “I never knew how old she was till the next day, so I dumped her”.
    You can also check these facts by looking up Wiki and reading what Journalist
    Bolt had to say when he covered the story. Now I ask the question: Why do you advocate
    on behalf of a self confessed child sex offender?

  2. I find it very disturbing that you would call Hinch a child molester! get real!~!!

    In 1974, this 15yo old girl was representing herself to Hinch be much older at a grown up party – how can you say this is child molestation??? Hinch ended the relationship upon finding out her real age!!!

    I pretended to be older than my 15yo age self and yes when the object of my teenage desire found out next day he honourably broke with me – I was devastated….but into the future…

    We married and have two beautiful children together – this was not a RAPE

    I totally agree with Sarah here why are Rapists let off!!!!

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