The John Laws audio

Print media creating a storm over radio again

Here’s the audio from the John Laws interview

I should have listened to it before my last rant, but I saw the papers, and their selected quotes. It triggered a massive response from me. I acted before I thought.

I have listened to the first 5 minutes. I’ve only got my iPhone with me, and I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. However, while his questions could seem insensitive, especially when seen on paper, his question about “are you unattractive?” was in response to her saying her family told her to take her ugly pills. All his questions were actually designed to garner a self positive response from the woman, so she could answer, “No, it wasn’t my fault.” He was trying to let her take control of her past.

I think he could be interpreted as insensitive, at at times he kind of was, but sometimes it’s easier to answer when people ask straight questions.

I don’t get the print medias obsession with constantly trying to make radio personalities look like total douchbags. Don’t cherry pick quotes to make people appear evil. Put the whole transcript in there.

I’m glad this woman was able to escape her family and find a good husband. I’m happy she is able to talk about it. I hope she is able to heal. I hope she finds a place like Heal For Life who can show her than she can heal and move on.

Edit after listening to the whole thing:  Lawsie could use some sensitivity training. The condesending tone at the end with the “Poor little thing, it must be hard to get over, I just don’t know” was off putting. The telling her to simply focus on other things wasn’t good either. However, the man is a radio host, not a psychotherapist, or even a counsellor. You can’t expect him to know how to handle every situation.

At least people are talking about it openly. That’s certainly a move in the right direction.