Madman taking hostages at Discovery Channel

James Lee still holed up at Discovery

James Lee is holed up inside the Discovery building at Silver Spring Maryland. I am watching the live streaming on CNN. It’s crazy, cause this is the same building where I attended the Travel Channel Academy 2 years ago.

Travel Channel no longer runs that Travel Channel Academy, so thankfully there aren’t a bunch of students in there, but it sucks to be one of the employees who are currently taken hostage.

Apparently, James Lee has already been arrested for his protests. He’s got some strong views on Discovery, and how they’re not doing enough to help save the planet.

I hope he’s talking about channels like TLC, who have shows like Jon and Kate plus 8, or those perpetual breeders, the Duggars. They’ve also just announced 2 more massive population overload shows about multiples and polygamists. Instead of protesting publicly, I simply make a silent protest by not watching these shows.

Discovery has some great programming on it’s other channels though. I do wish that shark week would be nicer to sharks and stop portraying them as man hunters. They could do more to create awareness for shark conservation. However, Planet Green has great stuff, and Animal Planet is all about animal conservation. Think of all the great work Steve Irwin did on Animal Planet. Phillipe Cousteau is on Planet Green, helping to raise awareness on Ocean Conservation.

James Lee is complaining that Discovery is not doing enough to actually save the planet and that “The Discovery Channel is actually not about saving the planet, they are just another ‘green’ corporation whose real interests lies in money, products, junk and trash”. Well duh James, Discovery is a corporation. The whole point of owning a TV network is to make money. They’re not a non profit company who’s sole mission is to save the planet. Why would an individual think that a TV network should be responsible for saving the planet? If you don’t like it, change the channel.

I really hope those tanks strapped to his back aren’t explosives. The guy is obviously severely misguided. I do find it interesting that the CNN commentator keeps going on and on about the fact that Lee doesn’t want kids. Like that’s what makes him crazy. Matt and I don’t want kids. That doesn’t make us nut jobs who would take people hostages. There are lots of other people out there who don’t want kids either. Try focusing on something else.

The Travel Channel office is still in this building. I met some really great people there a couple of years ago. I hope they all make it out ok.