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Sorry if you’ve sent me an email or message in the last couple of weeks. I didn’t have internet while I was in Oz. I’m just going through all the emails now. There’s a LOT of them, so please be patient…


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  1. Hi sarah,

    I was and am a hey dad..! fan and am glad you still keep in contact with many of the cast, as always with everything things have there ups and downs and good luck with projects ahead, I understand you are helping many child actors which is great. I was wondering what sort of music did you listen to when growing up and during your time on hey dad…! if any and have you actually met lindsay lohan.


  2. I was a rockabilly as a kid. I loved Elvis and anything from the 50’s. Also, I was big into Stray Cats. I liked a lot of the home grown stuff too, like Crowded House, Jimmy Barnes, Johnny Diesel, etc. I guess I had a fairly eclectic taste, since I also loved Reggae. Pretty much, if it’s now considered “classic” I was probably into it. I think thee only thing I didn’t like was heavy metal or super silly pop music. But I did sing along to Barbie Girl…
    I have never met Lindsay Lohan. I’m sure she’s a nice kid and is just another product of the industry. I’d like to meet her though. I’d bring her down to Texas where she can just chill out for a while away from the paparazzi who are hell bent on making her look like a demon child. I would also like to slap her mother. I’d probably also backslap Dr Drew for her too. Most Former Child Stars go through a crazy phase. It’s just Lindsay’s turn to be in the spotlight while she’s doing it.

  3. Hi sarah,

    who was your best cast mate on hey dad and just wondering how the hey dad brisbane radio reunion came about, and what did it feel like to reunite with the cast again on where are they now? Also did everyone get on with robert hughes and besides what you say happened did you have some good times with him during rehearsal and on camera because I notice when watching sometimes cast members would smile at each other after a line was said. Was it all inprovised or did you have to do things by the script.

    thanks for answering the last question.

  4. Hey Paul,
    best cast mate would be a toss up between Simone Buchanan and Ben Oxenbould. Simone and I were like real sisters. After she left, there was a gap for a while and then Ben turned up. He was always lots of fun. Otherwise, I think I was closer to members of the crew. Most of them were there for the entire time I was on the show, and they were all like big brothers to me. After I left the show, I didn’t keep in contact with anyone. I did get to see Simone a few years later for a couple of days when she was on Pacific Drive. Then I moved to the US and haven’t seen anyone till we did Where Are They Now? That was a long trip. It takes me about 30 hrs of travel to get to Sydney. I was just happy to go see my brother who lived in Sydney. WATN paid for a super cheap flight and 3 days accommodation and that was it. (So cheap I didn’t even earn miles!) We didn’t get paid and I swore I’d never make that trip again! They didn’t want us talking to each other, but I saw Simone and Rachel in the lobby. I was only here for a few days and didn’t have a mobile, but they wanted to cancel my car service and have me catch a cab and call them when I got to the studio…. Thankfully, Simone and I got the car service together and we were amused at how upset they were that we talked before we got there. They then tried to keep us all hidden from each other. Simone, Chris and I went to dinner afterwards, which was fun. Then I had to travel another 30 hrs to get home. I was so exhausted. The B105 reunion I got an email asking if I’d do it. They then called me on the air. I did my bit over the air and they spliced it in later with everyone else. I didn’t even get to talk to the other cast members at all. There was a lot of discussion which they then cut out before putting it to air. That was right after the Kyle and Jackie O scandal, so I’m not surprised…
    On Hey Dad..! everything was very scripted and had to be done exactly that way. We weren’t allowed to improvise at all. We usually got in trouble if we tried. If we smiled at each other, there may have been an inside joke going on. We all smile after we stuff up a line, but it’s more nervous laughter than anything. Writers hate it when actors try to change lines, and with sitcom, you can really ruin a joke if you try to change anything. But, just like most work places, people joke around and have fun and we were no different.

  5. thank you. I think the laughter would cover the nervousness. I am surprised to hear that the cast could not talk to each other on where are they now but it was great to see your faces again. Racheal Beck is in musicals and singing now and chris mayer is a location manager as I hear. I think the 2 chris’s weer the only ones that got on with robert hughes, am I right, and maybe julie mcgregor who said you were a “happy go lucky girl”. i am surprised simone did not tell gary reilly about what robert hughes said and did to her on her way from driving her home. If this was reported at the time it would have been serious consequences. Did he and simone get on well after that or did everyone try to keep away from him? some have said he was personable and a nice guy but he does not sound like a father figure at all.

    Anyway, I have heard that the food quantities in america are large. My brother went over there after he lost weight and still came back the same but I bet they have the best desserts, what is your fave anyway. Just for the record I studied a bit of IT as well. In australia its hard getting a job for people with disabilities and without, how easy is it in the US?.

    thank you, its good communicating with a tv star and you seem to have done a lot. any new productions you working on?

  6. In Texas we have huge food portions. In other states, like California, the plate sizes are more like Australia. I love desserts. I don’t really have a favourite, I like to try them all. I do like custard type dishes, like flan or creme brulee. I’d probably pick those over anything else.
    I’m not really working on any productions right now. I was working on the Scuba series, but I don’t do anything over winter and this summer my co-star is traveling overseas to do another production, so it’s all pretty quiet over here right now. I’m busy doing normal work. I maintain several websites for different people and do a lot of social networking for them. It seems to take up most of my time right now.
    I think the job market over here is pretty much the same as in Australia. If you really want a job, you can find one. They have lots of quotas on equal employment over here, so if you have a disability or are a minority, it’s pretty easy to get a job. You just have to make sure you state it on your resume.

  7. Hi,

    I saw a story on 60 minutes regarding the oil spill and what effect it can have. Winter is her and I guess inthe US it is summer. Hope the living is easy because I know the US can be fast paced and lively but maybe quieter in texas.I did study a bit of IT myself and found it something to fall back on. What would be your fave application? and web site? I like databases, word processing and am a averted beatles and fan of the doors , an american group with singer jim morrison.

    I was wondering if Simone buchanan has a web site and do you still communicate with her, what other movies or dramas was she in? I missed her in pacific drive but loved the program. I hear she has a young family and has 2 kids. Anyway, I hope the summers good over in the Us.

  8. Hi Sarah I am a child abuse survivor and now author and mentor for adults surviving abuse. I wanted to show my respect and my admiration to you and you have the support of our charity Fighters Against Child Abuse FACAA, I send you peace and hope Kazzie please use the link to see my clip for you.

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