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Last night on Twitter

I am so pleased all the other girls made it to court yesterday to see Robert being sentenced. I would have really liked to have been there to see him hide in his corner in the dock. Kudos to whoever it was that decided to put the press in the jury stand, directly opposite him. Even though I couldn’t be there, it was awesome being able to watch it all unfold in real time on Twitter.

It seemed like there was thousands of tweets about the case last night. I’m sure some people were thrilled by the new mute button! There was so many tweets, and me retweeting as many as I could, this happened:

trendingThere was some outstanding tweets coming from the journo stand, but I have to give it to Jodie Speers. She was on it! She was constantly updating, and was super professional. Although she did let one personal comment slip, and I thought it was brilliant.

jodieThere was some other pretty good tweets in my stream, ranging from witty



to deep


I liked this one


So a huge Thank You to everyone who followed along with me last night. I may have been at home alone with the dog, but I felt like I had a whole room full of people standing with me. Much love to you all.


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  1. Very, very happy for you Sarah!!! Also very, very happy for the all the other girls!!! I watched it all unfold and was absolutely mesmerised. I’ve just been floating on a cloud all weekend. Of course, a longer sentence under the current sentencing guidelines would have been preferable.

    But, it was definitely not a slap on the wrist…

    You made this happen, and you’re an inspiration to countless young girls and women who will always remember this moment in history and celebrate with you.

    Wishing you the very best…

  2. Hello, hear my words so that they may reach you.

    Judge a person not by how they treat their family & friends, but by how they treat their enemies.

    Who here is without sin cast the 1st stone! I tell you judgment day has come for you too, in condemning him you have condemned yourself. There is no place in paradise for vicious people like yourself. You are a viper.

    Look around you, turn on the news. The end of the world has come, you are rapidly running out of time to save your soul. where will you be when faced with the creator? do you imagine He would want you after reading your vicious tweets?

    I was abused horribly by women that started when I was 4. I love my abusers as what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

  3. As the great Ricky Gervais would say: A Christian telling an atheist he is going to Hell is about as scary as a
    small child telling an adult they wont get any presents from Santa

  4. lol The “great” Ricky Gervais? bahahaha surely you jest, no? I have yet to laugh at 1 of his jokes. A comedian who isn’t funny, he’s very existence as a comedian mocks us. Be that as the case, consider these 2 points then atheist.

    1. Precilia loved her pedafile, the whole world also loves Elvis. Why does no one love Robert? is it because he is wholly unattractive man? Can’t sing and wiggle his hips? Because no woman desires him, all he elicits from woman is disgust, while Elvis elicits desire from woman?

    2. you work for the Texas State Guard I read your blog with interest. You do realise that you work directly for The Military Industrial Complex? You understand they are kid killers? Should I post pictures here of the kids that your friends have murdered with bullets and bombs? In receiving a wage from them you have blood money in your purse which then makes your position on pedafiles a rather curious position. Hypocrisy!

    See how the Lord works in mysterious ways?

    Love your abusers and save your soul before it’s to late. I love you despite you being an abusive hypocritical woman. I am here to save you. See the difference, I seek to help my abusers become better people so they save their souls and become better people, you on the other hand are a viper that only spreads more hate with all your actions and words.


  5. Comedy is subjective. You might not find him funny, and yet so many others do. That’s the great thing about people, we can all like or dislike different things.
    Yes, I work for the Texas State Guard. Sorry, it’s no the Military Complex. We bear no arms, we kill no children.
    The Texas State Guard is a state defense force
    that assists and augments Texas military and civil authorities in times
    of state emergencies, and in on-going support of National Guard units
    and local communities. They are not a part of the United States Armed
    We are more like the SES or Red Cross, with a military rank structure. We don’t get the same benefits as the regular military, nor can we be deployed outside of Texas. or
    I find it hypocritical that you claim to love me, while calling me a viper… But alas, I guess your God is one of those bi-polar types what with a vengeful loving nature and all.

  6. I do love you which is why I am here to save you, if I didn’t love you I would let you go on as you are and lose your soul. The Creator isn’t bi-polar but rather a thought provoking troll 🙂

    As for calling you a viper, consider this; you publicly burnt a man at the stake and you seek to turn the whole world against him as well, and get other people to stone him while he is burning. Not content with this you along with your partners in crime have publicly shamed his wife and daughter (his flesh and blood) to abandon him at his hour of most need. If you are not a viper than what are you?

    As for you “pretending” not to be receiving blood money from the TSG, I find your mental gymnastics equal to those “faux friends” you called out for “pretending” not to know what Robert is, also the producers & tv execs you accuse of also “pretending” not to know. The TSG link you provided is interesting, the main page has a bunch of what appear to be ex-combat troops standing in front of an F-16 and yet you are going to “pretend” to me that you are unaware of what the TSG along with Texas as a state (one of the biggest if not the biggest military complex states) are guilty of?

    Come now, you don;’t imagine you can fool me 🙂 That F-16 was made by the military industrial complex, the TSG got the money to buy them from the Feds. Texas as a whole is well known in the industry. How many of those pilots from the TSG have combat service? Your friends have kids blood on their hands. To receive any money from Texas government is blood money. It wouldn’t surprise me if Beelzebub offered you the job at TSG immediately after you 1st went public and demanded a burning at the stake of Robert. Old Nick is not without a sense of irony, it’s the very thing he would enjoy laughing at you in hell for all eternity with.

    Have you been blinded by hate that you cannot see what you are? Love your abusers and you will understand…I was abused horribly by multiple woman from age 4, I love them as they helped me to understand them and have empathy for woman, which is why when i came upon a crowd of men, woman and children, young & old about to stone a whore to death for adultery I rebuked the mob and told them God is here right now watching you, I told them, who among you is without sin to cast the 1st stone. Later I rebuked the whore also, I told her if it is sex she likes then she should be a “slut” (I use the word slut in a positive sense) and give her body away for free, otherwise I told her that being a whore (sex for $$$) is despicable as it not only cheapens her as a woman but also reduces men to being nothing more than a means to gain money.

    I have a message from the Creator for Robert, and you too if you chose forgiveness and to be saved;

    Amun-Min-Ra who comes at the voice of the poor in distress, who gives breath to him who is wretched..You are Amun, the Lord of the silent, who comes at the voice of the poor; when I call to you in my distress You come and rescue me…Though the servant was disposed to do evil, the Lord is disposed to forgive. The Lord of Thebes spends not a whole day in anger; His wrath passes in a moment; none remains. His breath comes back to us in mercy..May your ka be kind; may you forgive; It shall not happen again.

    while I am here, Elvis has a message also;

    He’s looking forward to seeing Prescilla again, she’ll take on the form she had at 13 when they 1st met and she’ll be wearing tweaking shorts, my, what an awesome twerker she was…

    I have led you to the cool refreshing waters of the Lord, I cannot however make you drink from it.

    I leave you this gift from me to you,

    full screen and loud, you’ll thank me later if you do.

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