About THAT article…..

Since I got an email less than an hour after WD released the article online, and I was made to feel bad about not naming the offender because it makes everyone look guilty, I’d like to say the following:

I did not go to the media looking to sell my story. They have been asking me to release my story for over 2 years now.

It obviously wasn’t a secret, since the media knew about it and came to me looking to publish the story.

The publication chose not to release his name for legal reasons. I guess they’re worried about a slander suit.

It was such a badly kept secret, that when I came back to Australia from my student exchange, the only questions I got at auditions were about that. In the end, I decided to not act anymore, since that was all anybody wanted to talk about.

I didn’t want to do the article, as it’s obviously a very personal story and I didn’t feel the need to rehash the past, but a wise person told me that if by doing the article, I can give strength to even one other person to come forward and say that it’s happening to them and it helps it stop, then I’ve done a good thing.

I know I was not the only person affected by inappropriate behavior in the entertainment industry. Many other Child Stars are abused, many far worse than I. But through a fear of not working, they don’t speak up. Instead, they end up on drugs or bad pornos. As we’ve seen in the last couple of years, many end up dying way too early. How many Former Child Stars do you see making it as normal adults? There’s a reason they’re so screwed up.

It’s not Show Play, or Show Fun, it’s Show Business and it’s not a place for unattended children.  I hope that by coming forward, I can educate some parents on making better decisions for their children. I hope that other children can find the strength to stand up for themselves.

What happened to me was NOT my fault. I’m sorry if it makes the innocent look guilty. But I’m not going to feel guilty for speaking up and breaking the silence. I just wish I had done it 20 years sooner.


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  1. Well said Sarah!
    I never fully take what mags such as WD or NI take as 100% gospel – they’re intent is to sell magazines, not always convey the person being interviewed’s story.
    Glad you’ve realised that you’re not to blame (and never were) ……as have I – it sure takes a long time to get the strength to see that, but the only way is forward now!
    Wishing you much love & all the success you greatly deserve
    XOXOX TJ 🙂

  2. How do you think girls that ARE RAPED feel about this publicity seeking garbage? Get a life and get over it you sook.

  3. Hopefully they’d have the courage to come out and do something about it without being worried about being judged by people like you.
    No wonder people in the industry stay quiet. You own a talent agency! The Australian Jazz Agency… It’s because of someone like you that I finally went public. I hope you don’t represent any young people. Heaven forbid they come to you if something ever happened to them.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Just wanted to say how brave I think you are, despite what happened to you in the past. I know this all happened a long time ago now, and I hope you are looking forward to the future. From what I see on your website, I can see that you are doing some really fantastic things 🙂 Keep it up.

    A long time fan of you, and the show Hey Day.
    Perth, WA

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