A Secret Safe to Tell

Encouraging your kids to disclose abuse

I received a wonderful kids book from author Naomi Hunter.

A Secret Safe to Tell
A Secret Safe to Tell

Naomi wrote a children’s book, about the journey of a small child being abused, and how they found their voice and told somebody.

Most kids being abused are told by their abuser that it’s their secret. That they can’t tell anyone. That even if they did, that nobody would believe them, or they will get into trouble. Naomi shows all the emotions that kids go through, in a surprisingly simple way, and how when the little girl does speak, somebody believes her. It’s a little girl in the book, but it would work just as well with boy children.

I hope the government grabs this book, and puts it into every school library and every kids classroom in Australia. It’s such a simple book, yet so incredibly powerful. One child has already disclosed to her parents after reading the book.

You can get a signed copy of the book by going to Naomi’s FaceBook page or you can get it through the publisher here. You can also go to your local bookshop and have them order it in if it’s not already on the shelf.

Best of luck to you Naomi. So proud of you for such a great book.