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Jerry Sandusky on NBC

What the Hell are NBC thinking giving a Pedophile airtime?

Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State coach who is currently serving a 30 – 60 year prison sentence for RAPING young boys, is getting an exclusive “In His Own Words” on NBC on Monday morning.

Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to give Jerry airtime? Why are we letting a convicted child molester go on air, to give “his side” of the story? Has NBC given any consideration to his victims, or the millions of other survivors of abuse and wondered what the impact of seeing this monster on air could do to them? I’m guessing he’s not going to go on air and admit he’s a dirty pedo and he’s deeply sorry for all the pain and suffering he’s caused.

People like him think they’ve done nothing wrong...

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People have no idea of the impact of abuse

People like John Laws set the whole movement back

I take back my comments about the print media making a big deal of the John Laws interview. After watching his interview on Today Tonight I’m just amazed at his arrogance. He doesn’t seem to think he was insensitive at all, and the only reason he apologizes is if he offended anyone, but doesn’t see why he would have. So, not a real apology. He just doesn’t get that saying “My God they were having a good time with you” was inappropriate, and he thinks the interviewer is asking a stupid question for asking him how he could say it.  When asked about how he could ask if it was a child’s fault, he answers, “if she allowed it to happen”….. Seriously Lawsie? You think a six year old could “allow” it to happen?

I think my most amazed moment came i...

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The John Laws audio

Print media creating a storm over radio again

Here’s the audio from the John Laws interview

I should have listened to it before my last rant, but I saw the papers, and their selected quotes. It triggered a massive response from me. I acted before I thought.

I have listened to the first 5 minutes. I’ve only got my iPhone with me, and I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. However, while his questions could seem insensitive, especially when seen on paper, his question about “are you unattractive?” was in response to her saying her family told her to take her ugly pills. All his questions were actually designed to garner a self positive response from the woman, so she could answer, “No, it wasn’t my fault...

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A Law Unto Himself

John Laws and Betty Wilson

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’m sorry, but I’m really pissed off right now. At what point does someone think it’s OK to ask a person who was sexually molested if they were provocative as a six year old? When a caller rings you, crying, you don’t ask them a series of increasing demeaning questions. You don’t insinuate that it might be their fault. A SIX year old doesn’t flirt, they don’t bat their eyelids, they don’t invite people to touch them. They certainly don’t want men groping them, or getting their kicks from them. They don’t want a sick old man getting his jollies by touching them or molesting them.

If you, John Laws, think that a child somehow led men on so that they would molest her, then you need some serious help.

Please don’t compare this old man to K...

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Can bad celebs be good again?

Can Lindsay ever be A list again?

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was the IT girl? Everyone thought she was the next big thing? She would have a long career, win awards and just have an all around awesome life?

Then, like most former child stars, she had a meltdown, and everyone turned on her. It’s not just Lindsay. Britney Spears, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore, Danny Bonaduce, Brad Renfro, Macauley Culkin, anyone from Diff’rent Strokes…. They all got built up, and then went through what all teenagers go through. They get rebellious. They experiment. They break the rules. But unlike normal teenagers, they’ve got a pack of paparazzi following them, documenting all of it. Which really, would only serve to make them even crazier.

Some of the lucky ones, like Drew B...

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Can’t celebrities be civilians too?

Why is there such a double standard for Celebrities?

I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity anymore. Sure, there may be some perks to being famous. You get to cut the line at clubs, people buy your drinks. You might get to go on cool vacations. But the reality is, most of those things aren’t that much fun, because you’ve always got to wonder who is watching you, or whose going to pick a fight with you in the club and sue you next.

Kayne napping in First Class

I mean, you may be in First Class on the plane and think you can get some sleep, but who knows who is going to snap a pic of you while you’re drooling and then stick it up on the internet?

Then there’s this:

I mean seriously? Mila Kunis is smoking hot. She was just voted Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive...

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Weight loss reality TV

Losing weight on TV

It seems like the two most popular types of reality shows on TV these days are cooking shows and weight loss shows. People want to eat, people want to get thin. Seems like maybe one is leading to the other….

The cast of Excess Baggage

I remember when they started talking about Excess Baggage. To me it seemed like it was going to be an awesome show. So many people have complained that celebs get special treatment, and if they were given trainers and chefs like the stars, they’d look just as fabulous. So, here they made a show where they paired up a celebrity with a civilian. They got to travel all over Australia. So not only was this a weight loss show, but it was also part travel series...

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More International Judges?

Are there no qualified Aussies?

I’m sorry, I just need to have a little rant. All the papers and gossip sites are buzzing about who the new judges will be on talent shows in 2013, and I just need to have a minor patriotic hissy fit.

When I was a kid, my mum asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said I wanted to be black. She asked what I meant, and I said that black people were so talented. They could sing, dance and act. They were a triple threat. She looked at me and said, Don’t you know that black people are oppressed? They’ve been enslaved, they got a bum deal? I, at that tender age had no clue what racism was, or understood slavery. I just knew that when I watched TV, black people were talented. Most people get one gift, singing OR dancing OR acting...

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The Melissa George Meltdown

Melissa George – Diva or just tired of being an Angel?

The media is awash with the news of Melissa George having a hissy fit on the set of sunrise on being asked about her time on Home & Away. It seems like all the articles are full of comments on people hating on her. Everyone thinks she’s too big for her boots. That she’s just some B grade actress who was on H&A and hasn’t done much since.

After coming back from my exchange program to Honduras, I did 3 episodes on Home & Away. I remember I was excited about meeting some of the cast, until some people from the crew told me that when the girls heard I was coming on the show they had made a pact to be a bitch to me...

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Real Housewives of Australia?

Putting the REAL back in reality TV

So they’ve just announced they’re going to make a Real Housewives of Australia. I’m not sure this is going to be a winner. Here’s why:

Australia is a large country geographically, but it’s very small population wise. People are worried about what their neighbours think. Here in the US, with a population of almost  300 million, people feel like they can go on Jerry Springer or Maury, look like total  asshats, and its ok. They can just blend in to the huge population. With 300 channels, chances are unless Joel McHale sees it and makes fun of it on The Soup, nobody is going to see it anyway.

In the mornings, when I get ready for work, I like to put on VH1 and have the video clips  running...

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