White Balloon Day 2011

September 7th is White Balloon Day

This year’s event marks the 15th annual White Balloon Day, a national awareness and fundraising campaign staged on September 7 during Child Protection Week (September 4 –11). Since 1997 when White Balloon Day resulted in an unprecedented 514 per cent increase in disclosures of sexual assault to Queensland Police, the humble white balloon has become synonymous with child protection and this special day has evolved into Bravehearts’ signature national event. White Balloon Day is not only a day of recognition, awareness and support for the victims of child sexual assault but is also the principle fundraising initiative which enables Bravehearts to educate, empower and protect all Aussie kids.

Check out the Events page to go to a pre-organised event, or create your own event and get other people involved.

Get Involved – Do the White Thing!

Being involved in White Balloon day is simple, fun and best of all, you are guaranteed to make a difference in the lives of Aussie kids.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can join us.

Step 1: Think white

  • Check out our Ideas page to help you decide how you want to get involved in White Balloon Day.
  • Get your school involved.
  • Get you church involved
  • Become an Everyday Hero

Step 2: Register online

Once you register your event, you will be sent our exclusive White Balloon Day Kit, which includes official White Balloon Day posters and brochures, a letter of consent to fundraise, promotional ideas and more.  Registering your event also helps us create an accurate events calendar and allows us to promote your event on our website and encourage our supporters to support you.

Step 3: Take flight!

Let the fundraising begin…

Start to plan your event a few weeks in advance and be sure to invite your friends, family and co-workers to get involved.  Your White Balloon Day Kit will contain more info on how to write a press release and get the media involved in your event.  The more support and awareness created, the more funds we can raise to educate, empower and protect Aussie kids.