To support or not to support?

How do people react to pedophiles?

It’s been interesting watching people react to all the celebrity pedophiles in court lately. An article came out yesterday that showed a stark difference between two cases.

Max-CliffordMax Clifford, the celebrity publicist who was found guilty of eight counts of abuse has been dropped like  a hot potato by his clients. Even before he was found guilty, people distanced themselves from him. When the verdict came down, plenty more dumped him. The Guardian reports:

The X Factor boss Simon Cowell and Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis have severed ties with Max Clifford over the celebrity publicist’s convictions for sexually assaulting teenage girls.

During the trial, Clifford told journalists the trial had cost his PR agency about £1m in lost business. He conceded this month that a conviction would mean “at least a couple of clients will no longer be clients because [they are assisted] by me hands-on” – one of these is Cowell.

The company, which he founded at the beginning of the 1970s and has an all-female staff of eight, moved from its Mayfair headquarters to a more modest office in Weybridge, Surrey, last month in a sign that Clifford was dealing with the financial burden of an expensive criminal trial.

Now in contrast to that is the case against Robert Hughes.

Some of the world’s biggest stars are standing by Australian power agent Robyn Gardiner in the aftermath of the conviction of her husband, Robert Hughes, for child sex abuse. With Hughes awaiting sentencing on 10 counts of sexual and ­indecent assault of young girls, Sydney Confidential understands that Gardiner’s Sydney-based agency RGM, founded as Robyn Gardiner Management in 1982, has not lost a single client.

Granted, his wife Robyn isn’t the one being charged, but it’s been shown she knew about the abuse. She then went on the stand and lied robyn-robertabout another woman, the mother of one of the victims, claiming she had tried to have a lesbian relationship with her. She got evidence mixed up, as it came out, because she had been reading all the evidence the lawyer had, including witness statements and also the newspaper everyday, which she’s not supposed to do, as a witness. She assisted in trying to get a pedophile found innocent. People seem to forget that all their commissions paid to her helped to pay his defense lawyers…. So by keeping her as your agent, you assisted in his defense, and when he appeals, your commission check will also help to pay for that.

Much respect to those stars in England who have chosen to step up and do the right thing. My hats off to you. To those in Australia who choose to stay where you’re at, please understand when I don’t watch anything you’re in. I won’t contribute to his defense fund.



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  1. I totally agree. I can’t get my head around how big companies pull their advertising from certain radio stations over mildly inappropriate comments by radio presenters and yet none of Robyn’s clients have gone “Hang on a minute … She fully supports her husband, who has now been proven without a doubt to be a paedophile. Therefore she supports paedophilia. Therefore by staying with her, I am supporting it too. Or at least I’m not making a strong stand against it.” But then I also can’t get my head around how Robyn can still support him! Even if you love your partner and can’t imagine them committing a crime, surely when more than one victim starts coming forward and they are all saying pretty much the same thing, and most want to retain their anonymity (therefore it can’t be alleged they’re in it for the money) you would be starting to wonder … And surely you would interrogate your partner yourself, for your own peace of mind! Does she just not care because it wasn’t her daughter he molested? Would she still be feigning ignorance if it had been? And what about Jessica’s children … Robert’s grandchildren. Has he interfered with them as he did with his niece? And if not – if he draws a line between family he really cares about and those he doesn’t, then doesn’t that just prove he KNOWS his actions are wrong because he wouldn’t wish such harm on those he cares about?

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