Happy Thanksgiving!

Its Thanksgiving on Thursday.

I love Thanksgiving. It’s an awesome American holiday that I really enjoy. It’s not a religious day, so everyone in the country celebrates. While everyone gets together to feast, it’s not a gift giving holiday, so it doesn’t feel commercial. It’s just about everyone getting together with their family & friends and giving thanks for all the great things we have in our life.

Matt and I are headed to the in-laws for the feast. I’m super excited because our dearest friends, Eric & Melissa will be joining us. I’ve known them since I moved to the US, and Eric and I were in scouts together, and he’s the First Sergeant of my Guard unit. He also works for immigration and he made me a US citizen. He’s married to Melissa, who makes the best food ever. I love them both.

After the relatives, it’s off to a second feast with our friends. Thanksgiving is all about eating!

This year it’s also extra special because Thursday will be Matt and I’s 10th wedding anniversary. He is what I am most grateful for in this life, so it’s pretty fitting it falls on Thanksgiving.

Added bonus, news on the extradition….

There’s a lot to be Thankful for this year. I hope everyone in the US has a great Turkey Day. Everyone in Australia, I know you’ll miss out on the feast, but you can still have a turkey dinner and have happy thoughts on all your blessings.


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