Satanic Cults in Australia

Ritualized abuse

For a long time, there has been quiet talk about Satanic Ritual Abuse in Australia. There have been a few people who have spoken up, and most were very quickly shut down. People don’t want to know about any type of abuse, let alone satanic ritual abuse.

Lately though, the rumbling are getting louder. More and more people are starting to talk about having survived high level pedophiles. They’re talking about being passed around. They’re talking about untouchable people doing unspeakable things.

Seeing how many people have been silenced over childhood assaults by regular civilians, it’s not hard to imagine just how intimidated those who have been tortured by high level politicians, celebrities, sports people and even lawmakers would feel.

On the day I was on Studio 10, talking about how there are still pedophiles in the entertainment industry, another girl was speaking out. Fiona Barnett spoke of how she had been subjected to abuse as a child. She has already spoken before the Royal Commission, and explained how she was abused by a large ring of people, including members of parliament, a police commissioner, and the father of a well known celebrity in Australia.

I haven’t met Fiona, but I have no reason to doubt her story. Just because we don’t want to believe something is true, because it just sounds too awful to imagine, doesn’t mean we should dismiss a story as a wild fabrication. Surfing the web, anytime someone brings up satanic pedophile cults, it’s instantly dismissed as the ramblings of a crazed conspiracy theorist. When I first spoke out, I was lauded as a crazed has been former child star seeking my extra 15 minutes. Ten Convictions later, and we know I wasn’t crazy. I think one day we’ll also find out that those speaking about satanic abuse aren’t crazy either.

I hope Fiona is listened to. I hope she finds her justice. I hope more people listen to her story, and we can stop more children being abused.

If you have experienced something similar to Fiona, please speak up. The more that speak, the louder we are, the better the chances are of saving the next kids.



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  1. My name is Michael and i can be contacted on twitter @Michael13584052
    I can aasure all that satanic ritual abuse is widespread in Australia.
    I have worked for the last 10 years assisting survivors of SRA and have spent thousands of hours listening to victims life stories.
    Many survivors of SRA are trully amasing, powerful people having survived unimagineable brutallity.
    All people need to learn the full truth about what is really going on in Australia and worldwide.
    Anyone can at least begin to learn at:

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