Exciting Day at Work

Love my job


We had a super exciting day at work yesterday. We had a visit from a group of Brazilian Military officials, with their NCIS attache. The Brazilians were the nicest group of people, and what we thought would be “death by powerpoint” turned out to be an awesome day. We all swapped FB details and instagrammed ourselves! After lunch, I came back to the office and found a bunch of NCIS goodies on my chair, which thrilled me to bits, cause I’m a huge NCIS fan, and to have the real life NCIS guys here, and get a cap from the real NCIS and not a TV show one was incredible!

As a kid I so badly wanted to be in the military when I grew up, and every now and then I wake up and realize I’m living the dream.


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  1. Sarah, I’m sure this is the wrong forum but after watching you on A Current Affair (a show I don’t usually watch) I want you to know I think you are an inspiration! Your strength and dignity is profound and so impressive to see after, what I can only imagine, a harrowing experience.
    I hope you can now move on knowing that your actions have brought an awareness of speaking out to the media in Australia in a way has never been done before.
    Congratulations on being so amazing!!
    wishing you nothing but happiness from here on xx

  2. Hi Sarah. As per Jacquie below, I’m not sure this is the most appropriate place to write about this but I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you for going through what you have in order to bring Hughes to justice. I am the same age as you and watched Hey Dad growing up – to now know what you must have been going through as a young girl shows what an amazing strength of character you have. I would also like to say how wonderful Ben and Simmone are for sticking by you, supporting you and looking after you when you needed help. Please pass on my well wishes to them. All the best xxx

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