Competitive Dating

Finding real love in reality.

So there’s a new reality dating show on TV tonight called Ready For Love.  It’s a new concept, in that they have 3 guys, and there’s a bunch of matchmakers that pick girls for them. The matchmakers help coach the girls through the dates, which at least helps the girls in the long term when they get booted off the show. The first round is kinda like Perfect Match, because he can’t see them and they have to do the one liner thing, and then when he picks one, he gets to see her.

My beef with competitive reality dating shows is that I don’t think the contestants really see whether the prize is really a catch. They’re so focused on winning, they overlook any potential flaws. The one who is dating all the contestants doesn’t get a chance to really get to see the real personalities. They’re so caught up in being a prize and being loved on by so many people. When you make love a competition, it becomes about winning, not about finding love.

All these women are so certain this guy is “the one” but they don’t even know him. He gets to make them jump through hoops, and they have to try to be nice for a while. It’s kinda humiliating for them when they can’t deal with it.

At least this show they’ve got a coach telling the girls to raise their standards and be a challenge. Hopefully even if they get booted off here, they can take some dating lessons with them.

I just hope at the end of the show, if either one is not into it, they say so before the fake engagement. So many times, they’re so caught up in winning, it’s not till they have time alone together they realize if he had hit on them in a bar, they’d never have gone out. They just don’t have anything in common.

I also hope with all the bodily fluids being swapped, they do some kind of STD testing before the show.

I’m so glad I got a great man and I don’t have to go through dating drama….


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  1. All I know is that I had the best experience in Australian Bachelor! And if ever asked again, I would pick the same winner!!

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