A Royal Commission!

We’ve come so far on our attitudes to child abuse

The last few days the papers have been full of stories on child abuse. It’s awful that it’s so prevalent, but I’m so happy to be seeing it in the papers. I’m so glad that we’re starting to talk about it. We’re starting to acknowledge that it exists. We’re no longer content to just sweep it under the carpet and think that if we just ignore it, that it will be like it never happened.

Thank You Prime Minister Julia Gillard

I saw this article when I got into work, and it said grown men were brought to tears. I watched the video of Prime Minister Julia Gillard talking about how they were going to open a Royal Commission. As she spoke of children being let down by adults who could have helped them but who chose to ignore it, or cover it up, I felt a warm streak down my cheek and realized I too was crying. Her words rang so true, for being abused it awful. To live your life knowing that others helped cover up the abuse it even more traumatic. It makes you never trust others. You can’t trust authority figures. You learn that everyone is out for themselves and will let others suffer for their own gain. I turned my back on the industry because I knew I’d never feel safe in a studio. How could I trust anyone who worked there? They’d always put their own paycheck ahead of someone else’s basic human rights.

But today, I feel like we’re finally moving in the right direction. I’m so proud of Julia Gillard and the Australian Government for stepping up and realizing that we can no longer ignore the issue. I’m grateful that they’ve heard our voices. They see our tears. That they want to try to make it right.I’m so proud that in less than 3 years since I went public, we’ve gone from an attitude of “How dare she talk about that so publicly?” to Lets listen to these kids and do something about it.

Hopefully now everyone will find their voice, find their strength. Find a way to heal. Let’s hope they look into all the corners. Not just the church, but everywhere that kids are being abused. – Yes, even TV studios.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Julia.