Anatomie Style

Have clothes will travel.

I just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Anatomie Style.

I travel a lot these days, and thanks to Travel Fashion Girl and her awesome website, I’m learning to pack even smaller bags than I used to. I’ve always liked the concept of a capsule wardrobe, and living full time in an RV, culling my closet is kind of essential. I also hate lugging my clothes to the laundromat, and I actually enjoy hand washing my clothes in my Laundry Pod. It’s good exercise.

So lots of the travel guru’s raved about Anatomie pants. They can be hand washed, and air dry super quick. They’re ultra light weight, but still look like dress pants. I found a deal on line at Neiman Marcus Last Call, and I ordered a couple pair, to see if they were worth the price.

They arrived, and I loved them. So much so, that I knew I needed more. Matt and I were headed to Miami, where Anatomie has their head office. So on my last day in Miami, Matt drove me over to their 4th St location, which is listed on their website and FB page. As we pulled up, Matt wasn’t sure we had the right location. It looked like a warehouse. It was their warehouse, and they had just moved in. When I opened the door, they looked a little confused, but when I said I was looking for clothes, they jumped right in.They were setting up an area to be a showroom, and even had a changing area. They introduced me to Alesia, who asked about the clothes I liked, and who then sorted through the racks, and searched out the back, and I think she had me try on every pair of pants they made, in an effort to find me some that I loved. The couple pair I already had were way too long, but Alesia assured me they had a tailor on site, and could alter my pants right there if need be. Thankfully, we found a couple pair that made my ass look great, and that were short enough they didn’t even need hemming! I could have gone crazy, and I wanted to buy a tonne of stuff, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of downsizing my wardrobe. I did however indulge in two pairs of pants, the Andrea and the Kate, both in navy. I got three tops, all in white. The Trina, a Bailey Jacket and a blossom top, which they don’t even have on their website yet. Matt was very patient, and sat there while I tried everything on, giving a yay or nay on each item. I’ve never seen him give so many yays before. Everything was super soft to the touch, and I’ve already washed the pants, and can attest to how quick they dry. I’m super excited about my new stuff, and I packed today for our trip to Italy and Greece next week, and thanks to Anatomie, I crammed everything into one small backpack. So be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks for lots of Instagram pics of me in Italy wearing Anatomie stuff. Go follow me now. You know you want to.

Andrea Leggings and Bailey Jacket
Andrea Leggings and Bailey Jacket

Oh, and I didn’t even notice till later when I got back to the hotel and was playing with the clothes, but the tags on the pants were actually luggage tags. Super cute idea.


So Thank You to Alesia and everyone at Anatomie for making stylish travel clothes, and more so for letting me run free and try on everything you make at your warehouse.anatomietraveltag2 I think even Matt had fun. He didn’t even cry when I handed over my credit card. 😉

Oh, and word to the wise, you might find the clothes cheaper on Last Call, but Alesia said they’re factory seconds… If you’re in Miami, go check out their headquarters. I got to see stuff that wasn’t in stores yet, because it was either a sample or next seasons stuff. Plus, if you need anything altered, they can do it right there. So worth the trip.