What would Ryan Lochte Do?

Ryan Lochte is not a winner.


Ryan may be an Olympic medalist, but he’s not a ratings winner. His show premiered on Sunday night in the US, right after the Ryan Seacrest interview of the Kardashians. It only rated 807,000 viewers, which is bad even by US standards. I watched it tonight, just to check it out.
Remember The Girls Next Door? Think how pretty they were, but they weren’t real smart. They were looking for love, but you had the feeling they just didn’t get they were looking in the wrong places. Kendra had that really distinctive laugh that was mildly amusing at first, but then got really irritating. Lochte has some really weirdly unintelligent things come out of his mouth, and he has this stupid catchphrase, “Jeah!” Which he is trying to get trademarked. I already hated the word from the commercials for the show. Hearing it over and over during the program made it very difficult not to just switch channels. Like the girls, he’s also trying to find love. He takes all the dates to the same restaurant and he looks like on of those college frat guys who has no idea how to talk to a chic. Just like a hot chic thinks her boobs are all she needs, Lochte thinks his medals will get him by. No intelligent conversation needed.
I can’t tell if Ryan is just trying to be funny and acting daft for the cameras, or if all the chlorine from the pool has seeped into his brain.
I know E! isn’t known for hiring people because of their smarts, but this one is a real dunce.