Flying frustrations

Pacific Wings

How I wanted to love you Pacific Wings/ Sun Air International. You’re a small plane at a tiny airport. Hearing you existed in my small town gave me visions of that great 1980’s TV sitcom, Wings.

When my husband assured his boss that by leaving San Antonio and it’s big international airport he could still get around, we had no idea… His first flight to Houston went fine. He said it was cute. But then he tried to return. Granted, there was a bad storm, and I fully understand your not wanting to fly. You even did the right thing, and gave your 6 passengers a cab. He got some random cabbie from a far off nation, who didn’t understand road rules, or stripes, or accelerators. He was in that cab with a kiwi, a local military guy just back from war, and my husband, who has lived through cab rides in China. All three sent messages home telling people they loved them. Not your fault,  but still, not a great experience.

So he tried again. He went off to Tampa without a hitch, but his flight back was running late. He was going to make it, but it would be tight. I called you guys to say he would be there, but it would be close. He got there, and you had left. Not late, not on time, but early. He was told by the people at the next counter you had left 3 minutes early, with only one passenger on board. This time, he was pissed.

I however, decided to give you one last chance. We’re headed to Albuquerque tomorrow. Instead of driving to our house in San Antonio, leaving a car there and flying to Albuquerque, where we are picking up a new car and driving back to Texas, we decided to just fly out of Victoria.

Our friend who we’re buying the car from is also flying into Albuquerque. I picked our right times so we would arrive at the same time. However, someone just called me to tell me that our 6am flight is cancelled, and they’re going to put us on the next flight. Yeah, that doesn’t work for me. My connection leaves before your next flight to Houston does. When I explain I have a connection, she tells me she doesn’t see that. Right, cause I booked it separately. You don’t fly anywhere else. She then said I should email someone for a refund…

So, now I have to work out how the hell we’re going to get to Houston tomorrow before 9am for my other flights.

So Sun Air, I tried. I tried to give a small operator a chance. I tried to give some money to the little guy. But you failed, and now I’ll never get my husband to use you guys again. I’ll never experience my fantasy of Wings.

There’s rumors a new airline is coming to Victoria. One that will fly to more places than just Houston. One that will actually fly out when it’s supposed to. I look forward to that day….