Added some old/new videos

Thanks to Hayley for finding all these 0ld clips and sending them to me.

I’ve added some clips from Sons and Daughters and Home and Away.

The Sons and Daughters stuff is just funny. I can’t believe that show went on for so long. Also, who thought it would be cute to make a tiny person with a big head wear their hair in a high ponytail with a plait? I look like ET in some of those shots!

People used to tell me I looked like Shannon Doherty. (We actually share a birthday) I certainly do in the Home and Away stuff. They’ve got me playing a lying, manipulative bitch who likes to stir up shit. (Kinda like what people on message boards have been saying about me for the last few months) That was fun though. I had known Kate Ritchie since we were both tiny people at the Channel 7 Christmas parties. Isla Fisher was super sweet to work with. I finally got to meet Dieter Brummer, who all the girls in High School had wanted me to take to my formal. Melissa George was there too, although we didn’t really talk much. I’m so happy for Isla and Melissa that they’ve done so well for themselves over here in the US. It’s always great to see other Aussie’s rise to the top. It’s a pity I don’t live anywhere near LA, or we could catch up over a beer sometime.

Anyway, hope you get a kick out of the old stuff. I laughed watching it.