The Emporer’s new dress

Naked is the not so new black

So everyone is just in awe of Beyonce being almost naked on the red carpet at the Met Gala, in her mosquito net with sequins attached in just the right places.

Beyonce at the Met Gala 2015

I get it. She has an amazing body, and wants to show it off. With two other people there in nearly identical nude dresses, I wouldn’t really say that she’s doing anything that amazing. Even bigger LOLs at the peeps who are trying to claim that Kim Kardashian ripped off her look. It’s kind of hard to rip off someone’s look, when you’re at the same event.

Kim K and JLo in matching sheer booties

Even more amusing, is all the haters trolling Jelena Karleusa. All of Bey’s fans are directing hate at the Serbian singer, because apparently since people in America are unfamiliar with her work, she is “a nobody” and that people in the US would never copy her. Actually, if you were a big star in the US, and were going to copy anyone’s style, it would be smart to pick a sassy singer from overseas who none of your own fans had heard of.


Beyonce’s dress already has comparisons. The bride to be in Coming to America, and Left Eye Lopez from TLC.

Coming to America
Coming to America
left eye
Left Eye

The sheer dress trend, or as I like to think of it, The Emperor’s New Red Carpet dress, is hardly new and groundbreaking. It’s been done so many times, it’s actually quite boring to me. Cher has been doing the naked sequin look forever.

Cher, way back in 1988

Think Rihanna was risque when she did the nearly naked dress on the red carpet? Nope.

Cher showed off her nipples way before Rihanna
Cher showed off her nipples way before Rihanna

Now, Jennifer Lopez has been almost naked on the red carpet more times than in actual opaque fabric.  Here’s just a few of her outfits.

Then there’s all these people. Some, like Natalie Portman or Nicole Kidman that you wouldn’t expect to see if sheer outfits. Some are more tasteful than others….

It seems the only real difference to whether people approve of your outfit is whether the commentators over at Fashion Police like you or not. It always amazes me that a dress on one person could be seen as “Fashion Forward” while if another celebrity wore the same thing, they’d be fined for looking like an idiot.
Case in point, Sarah Jessica Parker. If anyone else turned up in this headgear, people would be rolling on the floor with laughter. Somehow, no matter what SJP wears, it’s “just amazing“. Ugh. Sorry, I’ve never been a fan of her style. I guess at least she tried to go with the Chinese theme, which is more than can be said for any of the sheer outfits.


Maybe there’s a mosquito problem on the red carpet, and that’s why they’re all wearing this long sheer mosquito netting stuff. I get that these women spend hours hitting the gym, and are proud of their bodies, but, why can’t we just like you because you can sing, or dance, or act? Can’t we just respect you for your talent, without expecting you to be nearly naked on the red carpet?


Fashion Week v’s The Logies

Fashion Disaster or Awesome Opportunity?

Logies Red Carpet Lets face it, while the Logies are fun, and a cute little get together for Australian talent, along with the seemingly obligatory international act and guest presenter, the Logies isn’t a big deal outside of Australia.

Sure, everyone gets together, has a drink, there’s some awards passed out, but it’s not the Oscars,  the Emmy’s, the SAG Awards or the Bafta’s. The event isn’t televised around the world, with hundreds of millions of people watching from all over the globe.

So when Australian Fashion week falls on the same week as the Logies, I can understand why the big designers aren’t falling over themselves to make sure the locals are wearing their stuff. They simply have a bigger event going on. One that WILL be seen all over the world.

But, while Alex Perry, J’Aton and the others are focused on Fashion week, this does leave enormous opportunity for up and coming designers to finally get a dress on someone. It’s hard as a new and emerging designer to get anybody to pay attention to your dresses if they’ve got some big name designer willing to gift a dress to a star. However, with all the big names not offering their wares, it’s a great time for actresses and their stylists to be making friends with the next up and comer, and start making long lasting friendships.

I hope all the young designers out there are also taking this opportunity to reach out and get their dresses on everyone. Trust me, while the girls can’t get a major designer, they’ll be very grateful to be getting a dress, especially one that they know won’t be worn by another girl that night. Or worse, that they have to go out and buy off a rack somewhere! You might get lucky, and if you get it on a star who then makes it to an awards ceremony in the US or the UK, they’ll remember you, and might choose one of your dresses again for the international awards, where you‘ll get big time exposure. My tip – looking at all the Home & Away people making it in the US right now, get your stuff on one of them. Any of them!

It’s also a golden opportunity for any of the stars who want to dabble in fashion to dress themselves. If I was walking the red carpet this year, knowing I wasn’t going to be constantly trumped by a Dior or Versace or Alex Perry, I’d totally take the opportunity to wear my own design. I’d design it, have it made, and swagger down that red carpet. I’d make sure I was photographed with everyone, especially the international guest, whose photos might make it overseas. A star couldn’t ask for a better year to wear their own designs.

I know I made fun of the Logies a little, but they are a good time, and excellent exposure for people within Australia.  I hope everyone has a super fun time, whether they’re getting their drink on at the Logies, or oogling the beautiful new stuff at Fashion week.

I’m super jealous of those of you who get to attend both!