These days, I don’t act any more. I enjoy my anonymity here in the US. However, I do enjoy working behind the scenes.

After three great years working on the US/Mexico border with the Texas State Guard, I am now focused on relaxing. Most recently, I wrote a book, Allegedly.



I stay involved in the entertainment industry as a board member of A Minor Consideration, a non profit in the US that helps current, former and future child stars.



I had dreams of making a scuba travel show, and hopefully one day I’ll still do it. Even if it’s just a webseries. You can see the little bit of stuff we did at the Going Down website.

I’ve decided to revamp my old ShrimpTank website, and use it as a fashion blog, and hopefully to inspire me to create my own line of clothing for petite people like me.



If you want to contact me personally, fill out the form below.

For interviews requests, please contact Amanda Archer of Archer Publicity, or work opportunities contact Nick Fordham of The Fordham Group.


I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can chat with me at any of these.