Hey Dad..!

Most people know me best for my time as Jenny Kelly on Hey Dad..!

Here’s some pics from throughout the years. We made the pilot when I was just 6 years old and I quit when I was 15. It was the late 80’s, early 90’s, which explains a lot about the outfits and hairstyles. Although, with the 80’s making a comeback, I might just be fashionable again…

For those of you questioning why I would put these pics up on my site, it’s almost a full 3rd of my life I spent working on that show. I don’t hate the whole show, just what happened to me. I still love the rest of the cast and crew.

Original Cast.

Robert Hughes, Julie McGregor, Simone Buchanan, Chris Truswell, Paul Smith and Sarah Monahan

New season with Chris Mayer replacing Paul Smith as Simon

Gotta love the pre signed fan cards.

The later years, with Rachel Beck and Ben Oxenbould

Where are they Now? 2007
Where are they Now? Hey Dad reunion 2006




  • Aly

    wow great work sorry to hear about the other stuff on Hey Dad 🙁

  • natascha

    hi sarah, loved your work on Hey Dad!
    hope that person who hurt you goes to jail someday.
    keep shining girl 😛

  • Simon

    Must say that even now i’m still a huge fan of Hey Dad..!. Just sorry to hear about the incident.

  • Anna

    I loved the show back in the 80’s ! you were great …. a clever girl !

    It’s great to see you have moved on successfully in your life and career ….

    Good luck with everything….

    It must be so hard for young child stars to move on successfully, without all the baggage from being a child star…. I guess you have to re-invent yourself and try new career options if showbiz work drys up…. but as you mention in your journal….. what if your fame over-rides any ability to get a paying job… even a minimum wage job….. it is very sad … and the public who once thought how cute the kid was , soon forget them and move on to the next sensation….. and the cute kid grows up into an ordinary adult…. having to deal with the fall-out….. it is sad …and can be seen as a loss of their childhood in some ways…. and child abuse in other ways … if the child is pushed into showbiz by stage-parents……

  • Eric

    Thank you for the years of laughs you gave us all watching you on tv.
    (can’t wait for hay dad to come out as a dvd blox set. hint hint)

    Wishing you all the best for your future.

  • Neil


  • Scott

    Hi Sarah, I loved Hey Dad and still do today. I want to wish you all the best and may your life be filled with love and happiness. I was shocked to watch A Current Affair tonight and hear you suffer abuse, I hope God judges him for his crime, he should not get away with putting you through pain and stress in your childhood. Anyway, you achieved great fame and a positive future and may you always had a life of happiness
    Scott, Australia

  • Ash

    Heard about the allegations recently. You should make a formal complaint to the police. Otherwise the cycle will continue with other people, unless the perpertator is stopped.

  • julie

    hey sarah nice to see there is other aussie living in the states . love hey dad use to sit down and watch with my kids. sorry to hear that someone could hurt you and still be free, i hope that 1 day that person will see a jail cell.

  • coby flentjar


  • terry

    Hi Sarah,sorry to hear about the sex abuse claim.
    For what its worth you were a funny little smart arse on the show and you made a lot of us laugh.
    A beautiful child who grew into a beautiful woman,i wish you all the best and hope Karma ensures you have a happy and wonderful life.
    May that same Karma come back to give the dickhead what he deserves.
    It is sad to hear of these stories but keep ya chin up and try not to dwell too much on that chapter in your life.

    Kind regards from an old fan.


  • Angus parker

    I have admired you on Hey Dad as a young child and looked forward to watching Hey Dad every day after school. It is wonderful to see that you have grown into a beautiful successful women. Im deeply sorry that you had to endure the crimes against you Sarah. I would personally punish the guy for you. It makes me so angry that people can get away with this behaviour or think they can. I had my child-life destroyed like you through other events which was out of my control. Australia loves you ( Jenny ) Sarah and wants to see you enjoy a happy and fruitful life. Very courageous for coming out and i personally thank you for this brave act. Our voices need to be heard. Thank you for many years of enjoyment watching you grow up on Hey Dad. Love and peace Angus.

  • Nicole

    Im 28 so loved your work. You were always a cool character and such, my sister and i watched hey dad like religeon cause i remember you were ” cool” Just know you’re better than that but if you think that person has done since or is still being a perverted freak please tell the authorities who it is! I know it’s hard but they’ll keep going until they know what it’s like the receive. Not preaching or anything just HATE that shit going on. Some people don’t deserve what theyve had or have now, just the pain theyve caused back 10 fold!

  • you were brilliant on Hey Dad!

  • palmer

    I actually didn’t watch the show much but I came across your story it hits home to me I hope you get through this and stay strong. I can relate.

  • David

    I too was sorry to hear about the abuse on the Hey Dad show. However, it would have been much more credible if you hadn’t just released the story through Woman’s Day for money. Whichever person you refer to is still out there I assume and getting money from a magazine does nothing to protect other children. It also casts a horrible shadow over the guys that worked on the show.

    Even given the lack of detail, it would have been better that you raised this through a news organisation rather than selling your story. Now there are a lot of people like me who simply wonder whether you were simply motivated by money.

  • Andrew D

    Hi Sarah,
    Well, you may be aware Today Tonight [7] and A Current Affair [9] have been all over “the incident” article like ants at a picnic, in the last few days. Desperate for somebody to expose “the culprit” on air. They’ve grilled Julie Mc, Chris T, and Chris M so far.

    Anyway, always loved Hey Dad, and hoping it will find it’s way to DVD one day, for the great Australian time capsule it is.
    Even the annoying characters quickly became endearing to the viewer. Always thought the show’s writing was solid, and didn’t preach or try too hard. I guess it’s simplicity and honesty gave it the longevity.

    I must say though that i always had a soft-spot for Rachel Beck. I actually met her in 1996, after a Beauty & the Beast show in Melbourne. And she was as lovely in person as i’d always imagined. She signed my programme which i still have, although the inked signature faded on the glossy paper, the memory remains. Ian Stenlake is a lucky man!

    But i digress… it’s a shame you suffered that “Dicky Roberts” type stigma. I’d always thought you’d end up at least on Home and Away or Neighbours, once you blossomed out of your early teens? In the opinion of many, you had “Jenny – the girl next door” image down to an art, with no primadonna or pretentiousness about you. We never got to see another dimension to your talent, for reasons you’ve already stated. And just because you’re no longer on TV, doesn’t mean you’ve lost your natural gift for drama. As Hayles said above – you were brilliant.
    However, i’m glad you’re happy and doing something that you love, albeit in another country.

    So from those of us stick in demeaning, dead-end jobs to make ends-meet… we salute you.

  • Another Hey Dad Fan from way back here, still have every episode on VCR taped from when they were shown, must get around to putting them on DVD one day 😛 awesome pics here. Could never warm to Jenny number 2 though 😀

    Also like others have said sorry to hear about what happened to you on set, all the best in everything Sarah.

  • Kent

    You look so sweet sitting on Daddy’s knee. You and he look very close, I bet he was a real hands on Dad. Was wondering where he is nowadays as he’s never been to any of the re-unions?

  • Len M

    Just watched the Current Affair segment re alleged dramas. I think its horrific & you should name & shame the person/people involved.

  • lisa

    I am sure everybody is wondering who this monster is and everyone is coming to the conclusion that it is Robert hughes. It seems strange that he is the only person not coming out to defend himself. Time will out who ever it was and not before time. Why protect this person?
    I for one would like to see this person outed for the monster he is.

  • Kate


    I believe everything that you have said about the cast member on ‘Hey Dad’ who abused you, and I am fairly confident that I know who he is.

    My question for you is, why did you start this website with photo’s of you with him on the set, if you were so disturbed by his behaviour? It is making you look a little hippocritical, to say the least.

    If there is any way that you can name him, you should.

    After a very long relationship with my son’s father, I discovered that he is a paedophile, and it was a great shock, and something that both me and my son shall never fully recover from.

    I am on your side, and I wish you all the best. I hope that he will be exposed in al of this.

    Let’s hope that there is such a thing as ‘Karma’.


  • Jimbo

    Why dont’ you come and say that it was CM? Otherwise everyone is guilty by suspicion

  • flipperMAN

    Thanks for all your great moments on Hey Dad, for your age you had the smartest lines, a – true classic
    I know the pain stays .. your worth so much more than him.


  • Max Hodgess

    My favourite character on Hey Dad! Soooo funny 🙂

  • raquel

    i no who you are talking about i lived at woolloomooloo next door to hey dad and hmmmm at times i thought the person you are talking about to be very aggressive and controlling i hope you go forward with this please people like that don’t change

  • tane

    hi sarah , you are fantastic , really sorry to hear what happened to you as a kid , all of Australia is following the story , and the monster that did this to you will soon be brought to justice…he needs to be named and shamed! and put in jail for ever! thank you for having the courage to tell your story.


    In australia speaking for most of us, we loved you threw and threw. i am the same age to you and asked myself everyday, how the hell did you act so well?? we miss ya in aus plz come bact here to live……. good luck in the future………. 🙂

  • Beck

    i feel really sad that you had to deal with this and put on a brave face every day your one hell of a strong girl even if you may not feel you are i admire your courage to stand up for yourself.
    i was one year ahead of you at school @ (M) semper fidelis!! and always thought you were very quiet and sort of stuck to yourself and some of the other girls and if iam being completly honest even myself thought that it may have been down to you being on tv and didnt want to interact with too many people but it just goes to show that people should never judge someone untill you have walked a mile in their shoes you dont know what they are dealing with on a day to day basis you keep strong and understand that even if you dont see or hear us lots of people are behind you

  • Adrian

    Thank you so much for all the happiness you gave us during your time on ‘Hey Dad!’

  • Anna

    Hi Sarah

    I too was a child actor in the 80’s. Sadly I heard about your experiences on Hey Dad back around 1990, for the young people I worked with in the industry it seemed to be common knowledge, so whether you reveal his name or not there are certainly people out there like me who already knew about it and who it was.
    I just wanted to offer my support, I remember very well what it was like working with adults my entire childhood and the pressure to ‘be a trooper’and ”think of the show’. It’s a strange world for a child to exists in and even though what you went through didn’t happen to me, I was certainly exposed to a lot of bad behaviour that I wouldn’t want my own children today to be exposed to.
    As another child actor once said to me, there is a reason why child actor’s don’t let their own children act.
    Lots of hugs and kisses. You are so brave and deserve only happiness for finally breaking your public silence.

  • N/A

    Dear Sarah. You have my deepest sympathies for the recent revelations that you chose to surface through various outlets of the Aussie media this week. I dont quite understand the situation on many levels, simply becasuse I knew one of the cast members quite well many years ago, and their only long lasting impression of being on that show was of often being quite flustered by the constant presence of their parents and other supervising adults during the entire time they were on the set. Also if this was my child’s situation, there would be no media involvement, no time lapse and no way anyone would prevent me from dishing out the appropirate level of justice for this sort of thing. Why wait all this time to speak out? Why not go to the police? I know you wanted to do the right thing by pushing this cloud off your head, but honestly darling now the entire country thinks badly of ALL the Hey Dad cast members, and that isnt fair on them. I’m an adult survivor too, but would I want a magzine, A Current Affair and an entire country knowing something that may – or may not – have happened 17 years ago when it wasnt even reported to the authorities. Your mum stood by you every step of the way – where the bloody hell was she?


    Hi Sarah, I hope you are doing ok, just to let you know that we are so shocked that this had happened, it’s so awful, and all this time you have been incredibly strong and brave. Continue to be strong, from Louise and family.

  • Mick

    Robert Hughes should be brought to justice…?

  • Tony Harvey

    Ms. Monahan,
    Consider me very confused. Firstly, it takes you twenty years to make these allegations. Secondly, you do it via a weekly magazine. (Whether you recieved a cent in return or not is none of my business, nor do I care.)
    But let me ask this…….if you have “blocked out” so much of your past…why do you still have so many clips of your childhood on this website, and indeed invite ANYONE to watch them? THAT’S the bit I simply do not understand.

    Tony Harvey.

  • rob

    Hi Sarah,firstly im suprised to find that we were born on the exact same day & same year. So u gotta get points for that.
    secondly i loved growing up watching hey dad over the years. lots of laughs and i was always sweet on Rachel Beck haha. So thanks for the years u put into it.
    And finally,im sorry for what u had to go through back then. But we are all proud if you for finally coming out and putting it to the public.
    hopefully its another step in your healing process.
    Best of luck xx

  • sue

    Pity you are trying to bring shame on the show now. Looks like you are sitting on peoples knees and no one is forcing you

  • Darren


    I do not know you at all. But, I always liked the show and your work. However, I can not find the words to convey just how truly sorry I am to have heard about what happened to you while you worked on the program. I really think it sounds like you are such a strong person to have spoken up about this and I hope that you have all of the support you need. Please, remember that you are not to blame for any of this and I hope you and your husband have a great future together.

  • Thank you for raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse in Australia. This epidemic needs national attention and I am glad you have had the courage to come forward.

    Thank you for what you are doing for other survivors out there and being so courageous.

    http://www.whitedovesnest.com – site for sexual abuse survivors and their supporters

  • Malcolm Young

    What I can’t understand is why it takes the police so long to make an arrest. Sarah made the allegations in March – almost 5 months ago. She had 35 hours of interviews with police not long after that. Simone Buchanan was also interviewed on TV at the same time, and made similar allegations, and I think mentioned she would also make a statement to police. No doubt there have been other, less famous people that have also come forward. So I would have thought that the police would have had a fair amount of evidence say by April that would have allowed charges to be laid. So what’s the delay? Hughes is living in Singapore – but so what. Australia has an extradiction treaty with Singapore. All it would take is the correct documentation to be sent by the AG to the Singapore Police Force and Hughes would be arrested within hours. To be honest, it’s a wonder Hughes hasn’t just done a runner, to a country that doesn’t have an extradiction treaty with Australia. Maybe if he did so, that would be seen as an expresison of guilt.

  • Sarah

    Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like an episode of Law and Order. Most victim statements take about 2 weeks each. Then there’s all the other witnesses that also have to be interviewed.
    I got an email from the police over the weekend letting me know they are still investigating and interviewing people. They are taking their time, making sure they have all their evidence, instead of going off half cocked and getting an arrest warrant and then having it thrown out.
    Sometimes in life, you just have to be patient…. I think if Robert did a runner, it would be seen as a huge admission of guilt. Probably more so than telling ACA you’ve got defamation lawyers on the case a couple of days before you’ve been named.

  • Malcolm Young

    Thanks for your response Sarah. I appreciate what you say, and from what I’ve read you can appreciate what the police are doing, how careful they are being (and need to be) and perhaps the legalistics involved.
    My post was from the point of view of someone that has lived in Singapore for a considerable time, and although I’m not employed in the legal industry, I’ve taken an extreme amount of interest in the criminal justice system in that tiny country. Why? Well, I benefited from living in a country that most people consider a very safe place to live, and is generally considered to have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In reality though, it is actually a ridiculously safe place to live, to the point that you wonder how anyone could be so unlucky as to become a victim of crime there.
    A little off topic perhaps, but one of the main reasons is the judiciary’s enforcement of the law, whereby a lot more weight is given to the rights of the victim and general deterrance, whereas in Australia, a lot more weight is given to whether imprisonment will be of any benefit to an offender found guilty and whether there are any alternatives to prison. Take for example, yesterday, I guy in Adelaide was found guilty of around 10 serious sexual assault cases that he had committed around Adelaide earlier this year. He was given a 2 year suspended sentence. Yes, that’s right, he won’t even go to jail. Yet in Singapore, if he committed 1/10 of that amount of sexual assault (generally termed “molest”), he would be imprisoned and caned. So what’s more of a deterrant to others – a suspended sentence, or jail and caning??
    This is probably coming across as a lot of rambling. My point is, it is ironic and a damn shame, that Hughes is living in a country where the majority of crimes are treated and indeed punished a heck of a lot more severely than would be the case in Australia – and yet, as a result of Australia’s slow legal system, he can live a free man until the police in Australia have their paperwork in order. He’s living in a city where “law and order” is extremely efficient and it’s very difficult to run, or hide in such a small place. Ever been to Changi Airport? The whole country is run like that – efficiency beyond comprehension, and the courts/police are no exception.
    In Singapore, I can say with a fair bit of confidence, that a similar type of case would have resulted in an arrest, and the trial would have already happened. If he had been found guilty, he would have also been sentenced, and any appeals would have been held. He would already been serving a prison sentence. In Australia though, due to overcrowded court schedules, trials are quite often not held for another 12 months or more after arrest.
    So, what I’d really love to see done, is the police try to get an arrest warrant with the evidence they have. If this is obtained, it should be sent to Singapore without delay. (Did you hear the recent case of Oliver Fricker? He was a Swiss banker, working in Singapore, and was arrested for breaking into a MRT depot and vandalising 2 rail cars. After he was brought to court, he was offered bail of S$100,000. That’s about A$80K. Can you imagine a court in Australia offering bail of A$80,000 for such “trvial” (as seen in Australia) offence? They would be unlucky if they were fined $500!! But Oliver Fricker’s passport was also impounded, so that he couldn’t leave the country before the trial. He’s since been found guilty and is in prison, waiting for his caning.). For Hughes, this being a much more serious case, I would be surprised if he were offered bail and think he would be remanded in custody at Queenstown remand centre, awaiting extradiction (which would only take a few months at most). Even if he were offered bail, it would be a large amount (by Australian standards) and his passport would be impounded in that case. After that, it would be up to the Australian prosecutors to get a conviction.

    So, that really is the key – give the Singapore police the authority to have him arrested, so that his passport can be impounded. I’m annoyed this hasn’t happened already.

  • Sarah

    Lets hope the Singaporean Police are also snooping around seeing if he continued his ways over there…. It would have to be a very large bail to keep him grounded. Robyn is a very rich woman. It would be nice if they took his passport so he can’t flee, especially since he is so well funded.
    I think right now all the other girls are having a little down time, building themselves up mentally for when we have to face him in court. I know I’m very strong emotionally, but even I have my shitty days. I’m really not looking forward to going to court and having to look him in those beady eyes. I was quite happy to never have to see him again. I just have to take a deep breath and know that I’m doing the right thing and soldier on.
    Has there been anything in the media in Singapore about it? It seems like they did a pretty good job of keeping it out of the news there….

  • Malcolm Young

    The best sources of up to date news from Singapore are The Straits Times website (http://www.straitstimes.com/Home.html) and the Channelnewsaia website (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/index.htm).
    At the time of your interview on ACA, I don’t think there was any news at all in the Singapore news about it, which was a little bit surprising. Since then, there has definitely be nothing, which is not surprising. What has been surprising, is there have been no media updates in the Australian press since then – unless I’ve missed them (I also rarely watch ACA).
    I doubt there was any involvement about keeping it out of the press in Singapore. My presumption is that, as the alleged offences did not concern a Singaporean, and they didn’t occur in Singapore, that the media would not really consider it newsworthy. In the event that he is arrested there, it certainly will be though.

  • Diane

    Sarah says:
    August 2, 2010 at 7:00 am
    Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like an episode of Law and Order. Most victim statements take about 2 weeks each. Then there’s all the other witnesses that also have to be interviewed.
    I got an email from the police over the weekend letting me know they are still investigating and interviewing people. They are taking their time, making sure they have all their evidence, instead of going off half cocked and getting an arrest warrant and then having it thrown out.
    Sometimes in life, you just have to be patient…. I think if Robert did a runner, it would be seen as a huge admission of guilt. Probably more so than telling ACA you’ve got defamation lawyers on the case a couple of days before you’ve been named.

    Hi Sarah

    Just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you – so brave and strong back then when a child, and now as an adult – I have been watching out for any news on how things were going for you 🙂

    Thank you for letting people know here on your site that the police are being meticulous and building an iron-clad case which will hopefully bring Hughes to justice!

  • Sarah

    I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging throughout this whole thing. Some days I wonder why I spoke up, then I get emails from people letting me know I did the right thing and it makes me feel much better.
    I’m looking forward to, and dreading the next chapter at the same time. As hard as it is, I think it will all be worth it in the end…

  • Paul

    just think if you did speak up 20 or so years ago he would have gone and so would hey dad…! just imagine the show would go either without him or with him, it only lasted a few months after robert left. I just want to ask did you dread doing the reunion specials you did did you think you would have to face him again on where are they now as he refuses to part take in any reunion. I heard that the brisbane radio reunion was not going to happen if robert was involved? Do you think this will end up in court? I think after all this as you are doing is to “get on with life”. But its good that most of the cast are still good friends and maybe there culd be a 25th anniversary reunion or another dvd relase. We need that sarah! I love the clips you are posting on here.

  • Sarah

    Anytime I was asked to do a reunion, my first question was whether or not he was going to be there. I made it clear I was NOT going to be involved if he was. Thankfully, it seems so did most of the rest of the cast.
    I do think this will end up in court. The police are still busy investigating and interviewing people.
    I know the Germans have about 5 DVD sets. I think there’s 3 sets in Australia. None of us get any money from the DVD sets unfortunately, so I really don’t see any of the cast pushing for more DVD sets…
    I’m sure in a few months you’ll see a lot more of the cast together, even if it is just in a courtroom. I didn’t get to make it back this weekend, but look for pics of the cast together at Julie’s wedding.

  • Olli

    Hallo Sarah!

    In German we stand behind you.We love the series but we didn´t like what we now hear.Stay strong!

  • Paul

    Oh, when is julie mcgregor getting married and will you and the cast make it to the wedding. Its good to hear you are into your filming projets again. Its a shame that the cast will be reunited in these circumstances. I hope the wedding will be a happy occasion for you all to get together.