Hey Dad..!

Most people know me best for my time as Jenny Kelly on Hey Dad..!

Here’s some pics from throughout the years. We made the pilot when I was just 6 years old and I quit when I was 15. It was the late 80’s, early 90’s, which explains a lot about the outfits and hairstyles. Although, with the 80’s making a comeback, I might just be fashionable again…

For those of you questioning why I would put these pics up on my site, it’s almost a full 3rd of my life I spent working on that show. I don’t hate the whole show, just what happened to me. I still love the rest of the cast and crew.

Original Cast.

Robert Hughes, Julie McGregor, Simone Buchanan, Chris Truswell, Paul Smith and Sarah Monahan

New season with Chris Mayer replacing Paul Smith as Simon

Gotta love the pre signed fan cards.

The later years, with Rachel Beck and Ben Oxenbould

Where are they Now? 2007
Where are they Now? Hey Dad reunion 2006




  • Wendy

    Hello Sarah,
    First of all I want to praise you for being so brave to speak out about your ordeal.
    I live in the UK and manage to pick up the show on cable tv. I loved it, and admired your work as little Jenny. After a bad day at work I came home and put on one of the best of dvds I have it cheered me up. I did a search to see if Shock had released anymore and found the sex scandal stuff. I watched the interviews given by you and the cast and was like many other fans mortified on what I was seeing. To think that the management knew it was going on and let it sickened me.
    I work as a Teaching Assistant at a lovely little primary school and today was really careful on any contact I had with my children. As sad as it is I found myself pushing the children away as they came for cuddles. They had no idea why.
    Have you set up and foundations or awareness groups that I could be apart of and hopefully help children in the UK who are too scared to speak out? If so you now have my email address please let me know I will do what I can from this side of the world. These monsters have to be stopped and I hope they manage to nail him and the management for condoning such acts to continue.
    Good luck in all you do Sarah, smile and be happy.
    Lots of love…Wendy xxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.S. please pass on my regards to the other cast members for the way they have stood by you in all of this they are all amazing.

  • Richard

    Hey Sarah,

    Loved your work on Hey Dad, such a talented young actress… I was aware from something I read on a site some years ago that “erratic behaviour by a key cast member” (almost word for word) created some tension but I never would have imagined it would have amounted to something so serious.

    Do you happen to know where the court case is up to? Apparently, here in Australia, there’s been a media ban put on interviews etc until the end of the case. Would be really interested in getting to know what happens to Hughes– I just hope he’s found guilty. Unfortunately, (in a way, I guess) Hey Dad is still one of my favourite shows, despite the news about what has happened… Not particularly ‘cos of him as the lead character but I always liked the whole show anyway.

    Hopefully, by speaking up it’s assisted you in coming to terms with your ordeal and is the first step to a healing process.
    All the best.

  • Diane

    Hi Sarah

    Just checking here to see how things are progressing – I still think about you a lot and what your went through as a child and now as an adult revealing what happened to you as a child. I hope that the case is building strong so that you are vindicated at last and that it raises public awareness about the vunerability of children to molestation from adults in all walks of life.

    Best wishes

  • Paul

    Hi sarah,

    merry christmas and all the best for the new year. I know its been an eventful one. spending time with family we all know its good and sometimes challenging, I hope you have a good day with whatever if its enjoying the aussie summer or US winter. I understand there is one last hey dad cast member to be interviewed, whether the investigation continues or not.

  • Meggie


    Grew up watching Hey Dad and loved it, just absolutely hate what happened to you on set however.
    So many people are behind you as you strive for justice for yourself and I for one am personally proud of you for showing Hughes to the public for exactly what he IS.
    The public are very unsure as to what is happening with your case and the cases of the other women who have brought forward alligations also, but perhaps it is as said above, that there is a media ban. I know a lot of people want to see this rotten egg in jail and are wondering how the case is progressing.
    All the best. You are very brave!!

  • Jodie

    I am so excited……news has just come through about the arrest of the creep. So proud of you Sarah for standing up for yourself and all his other victims. I am also delighted you have a great life now.

  • Anth

    Hi, I’ve not followed this story too closely for the reasons you don’t. No one but you knows how you feel. Many people will cast opinion, innuendo, assumptions and sides, from all corners, be it yours or others.

    My point is be true to yourself and allow your true inner feelings to make the real decisions in this difficult time. Remember you cannot undo some things, but you can impact on the history you will live.

    Take care

  • Hi Sarah,I hope to God they lock this man up & throw away the key. You are right in what you are doing and I support you all the way.Don’t give up Sarah…All the very best to you,you are a very special person.

  • Veronica


    You really are Sarah the Brave! Your courage and voice have the power to create a better world. Believe in yourself, and in justice but never forget about karma.

  • Lori

    Hi Sarah
    Well, they’ve got him!!
    Now for the battle to bring him back and face justice!

  • Nicole

    Hi Sarah,
    Many moons ago we went to the same high school in Sydney and were in the same social circle for a while… I always remember thinking that you seemed so sad and obviously with what you went through it makes sense. I just want to wish you the very best of luck over the coming months and years and hopefully justice will be served and you can have closure. All the very best. Nicole

  • Nev

    Hi Sarah

    I had a similar experience as a child. As an adult I am amazed at the amount of people that the fellow was able to abuse. My best mate and I were set upon and we knew about each other’s experience – it had the impact of ruining our friendship, just through the shame of being a boy and having that done to you. I buried it for a long time, had some tough times in life but never forgot. Beginning 8 years ago, over 3-4 years I wrote down my experiences and then a couple of years ago sent them to the Police. They very diligently and patiently investigated and assembled a case. The fellow denied everything, many of the victims denied their experience, but my mate and I were corresponding witnesses. The fellow pleaded guilty to some some of the most horrid charges imaginable and was sentenced to 4 and 1/2 years jail, which he is now serving. He is registered as a sex offender for life.

    Those experiences happened to me in the mid to late 1970s and I am now 49.

    It is never too late.

  • Jayne

    Sarah, I have been follwoing your story since i first saw you speak out publicly on ACA a few years ago. You are so brave in making a stand and making this horrible issue public – helping so many others out there do the same. I thought it was so funny to see him arrested in Britain yesterday — SUCKED IN TO THE SLIMY , DIRTY BASTARD. HOPE HE GETS BASHED IN JAIL !!!!!!!!! how dare he think he can seriously behave like an intimidating arrogant sleaze bag around such innocent children….. Good luck with the court hearings and sending him off to jail where he belongs ………. KARMA

  • Ian

    Sarah, I applaud your courage in standing up and demanding justice for what this “rock spider” has done. I can only pray that the law will come down hard on him for all the pain that he has caused. I also pray that you and your family remain strong and continue to show courage throughout the next phase which will ultimately see Hughes convicted and jailed for a very long time.


    Ian T

  • Sarah

    Good for you. As tough as it is to say it out loud, I’m glad you got him. I think it’s a lot harder on men who have been abused. There’s a lot more social stigma attached to it.
    I hope one day we as a society will realize that kids should be made to feel ashamed. It was out fault. We shouldn’t have to feel bad over it. They should.

  • Hilda Neary

    I am not only shocked, but amazed as to WHY you have photos and videos of this creep on your website. I realize you spent a long time working on the show, but surely you have other promotional material that excludes him? I don’t understand it.

    I never liked the show because I didn’t like Hughs. He over acted and he annoyed me. I always thought it was a wannabe version of Family Ties and he was Far from the endearing Character of Steven on family ties.

  • terry berriman

    sarah, i emailed last week re your mothers name. after reading what you have been through you may think im some nut. i am not and it is a genuine request. i worked at olims consolidated and if your mother is who i think she was there also. i would just like to email her if i can and maybe catch up for a coffee. sorry to bother you but been out of aust for 25 years and recently got back residing in forster nsw which im sure you know of. trust you can help and all the best in your quest to bring this rat to justice.



  • Jules

    Dear Sarah,
    not too long ago I was thinking about getting hey dad! on DVD. I live in Germany but always had strong ties to downunder (including an Aussie husband by now).
    When I learned about your experiences I was shellshocked. I could never ever buy this merchandise any more. And that is a good thing.

    I praise you for going public. My heart goes out for you that while we experienced the joy of the show you had so much to put up with at such a young age. I hope you and everbody affected by his behaviour continues to heal. Stay strong, don’t ever allow him to make you bitter.
    Speak your truths strong and clear. You are being heard. His day has already come.

    Loved the pee in the shampoo bottle part!

    Lots of love to you.

  • Daniel

    Hi Sarah, I watched Hey Dad as a kid and always found Hughes creepy, I guess sometimes you can tell. I am inspired by your strength, well done on telling your story. As an aside I find comments like the moron who made comment 19 very disturbing, what a shame people feel the need to make such repulsive remarks. Btw, I stumbled onto your site by acident, I was reading a Nightmare on Elm st site of all things, and there was a link to your site. Your insites are very valuable, please continue to share them with the world.

  • Annette

    Hi Sarah,
    Loved Hey Dad back in the day, it was funny and also relaxing, its ashame though the behind the scenes stuff by that paedophile Robert Hughes ruined the show and the innocent people affected. Good on you for taking a stand and speaking out, he will get what he deserves.
    Keep up the great work

    Cheers Annette

  • Tanya

    So proud of you Sarah, game over Hughes.

  • Randy

    Dear Sarah,
    I just wanted to wish you all the best for your future.
    I loved “your” show in the early 90s and never missed a single episode 🙂

    Greetings from Germany ….. !

  • Elisa

    Dear Sarah,

    i admire you for your strength to speak up and hope you are able to shrug off or ignore the folks who disagree with your outing….or who are unable to understand, that it takes a long time sometimes to do so (after all, some are never able to speak up for themselves to get justice…)

    I am from Germany and I also used to love watching Hey Dad as a kid (am born 1978 so similar age to you) and got some years ago the english DVD best of Hey Dad as I loved the show a lot….one of the rare things my brother (he is 2 years older than me) and I enjoyed watching together as kids…

    Anyhow, it feels a bit strange now to watch it, cause to read what you went through whilst being on there just leaves a bit of a sour taste….so whilst I liked the show, I take a bit of a distance to it for the next while…

    Maybe it is also as I can so imagine what you went through, as I experienced it myself aged 8 from a dad from a friend and aged 11-15 from a neighbour…who was the boyfriend of my best friend at that time…and I do know how people at times don’t get it (or at least did not get it in my case) even when you show signs of struggling with real life (I started self-harm during that time and also ended up in hospital due to an attempt to commit suicide aged 15….but even then the people who should have woken up….preferred to continue to sleep….)

    At the end I managed to handle the situation, stopped that contact for good (even when it meant to lose the friendship to his girlfriend) and thanks to my sports club at that time, I stayed on the right track in life…

    But despite being over it and being able to just see it as one part of my life, some folks still try to put the blame on me…for example some years ago I stopped a friendship as that guy dared to make the comment, that I must have enjoyed it, to be abused as a kid, cause such bad luck – being abused from 2 guys as a kid – can’t happen if I would not have wanted it….now… that fool might have his own company…but obviously not the brain left, to understand, that not every kid is growing up with parents which can be approached about such stuff…

    Now, I was glad that the main perpetrator in my case died on a stroke 11 years ago….cause then at least I knew, that he can’t harm anyone anymore….and then I started to heal more and more…

    Therefore Sarah, all the best to you for speaking up about it…..cause as I do know, not all of us were strong enough to do so, during the time, when it was possible to do so…

    Best wishes,


  • Diane

    Keeping fighting the good fight Sarah – you are an inspiration to abused children everywhere!!! Best wishes Di

  • Pam

    Please know my thoughts are with you Sarah and I’m wishing you the very best in the times ahead.

  • Hi Sarah,
    I remember seeing you ice skate all the time at Macquarie (I was massively jealous, especially that you had your own beautiful white skates). I was also insanely jealous of my little sister, who nabbed herself one of those pre-signed cards at a very early cast appearance you did in the same centre, even though it looked like some adult had written your name for you with three little crosses 🙂

    I’m so sorry you were treated so rottenly during the filming 🙁
    And so glad you found the courage to speak up. Know that you made a hell of a lot of people really happy every week on that show.

  • elvis

    your a fucking lying little cunt. mr hughes never touched you. tell the fucking truth or die bitch.

  • beck

    Wow… what a sad troll you are. sarah… a lot.of people suport you stay strong! you will hqve your day in court and no matter what the out come you stood up to to a.monster

  • Jennie Andrews

    I believe you Sarah. Stand strong, do not let them get to you. It took so much strength and courage to come forward like you did. So many people appreciate your action. Jen

  • Veronica…

    Dearest Sarah,

    You’ve grown up to be such an amazing and inspiring young woman. Words fail me as I try to express the admiration I have for you. Our world needs women like you, strong, articulate, and so incredibly brave. I used to think I was brave and strong, but I’ve never been as brave as you. You are in every sense of the word – a hero:

    a person…who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

    Your actions have helped so many of us that are quietly waiting in the wings, cheering you on and taking strength from your actions. For those of us that didn’t have a voice, you are our hero: Sarah The Brave…

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it has been an incredible privilege to walk alongside you and cheer you on. Wishing you a world of happiness and sending all my gratitude…


  • Natasha Noel-Baker

    You are a creep for writing something like that about Sarah. You weren’t there, and so you have no idea what happened. I usually don’t approve of people accusing someone of anything in public, however this is one case where I think Sarah did the right thing. It is so obvious that she is telling the truth. Despite the number of women who have now come forward, Robert Hughes still flatly denies ANYTHING. He admits to nothing, and it’s simply impossible that this many women would come forward with lies. His arrogant, monosyllabic defence of himself is incredibly narcissist. It’s as if he thinks he’s above the law, above others, and beyond reproach. If he’s telling the truth, then all these woman are lying… Come On!! This is not just Sarah- it’s lots of women.

  • gkj

    Found guilty in a court of law you troll.

  • Kellie

    So glad that you got the verdict that you wee hoping for. As a victim myself I know that you will never be healed but it is just the beginning of the journey ahead of you. Now yo can live your life confident that he will never touch another child. Should be proud of yourself and ignore the doubters and negative.

  • Veronica…

    Mum & I are drinking a toast of sparkling mineral water to you today Sarah – well done!!!

  • Heather

    Have to share in the joy today too. My uncle from London on holidays here in Aus beat up Robert Hughes in the early 80s for attempting something on me. When he realised what was going to happen to him, he had to force his way through a tight crowd to get away, and I remember laughing at him. He’s such a turd. I hope he gets YEARS!

  • Michelle Murphy

    Guilty, another child molester off the streets. I hope this helps you find some peace Sarah x

  • Natasha Noel-Baker

    Thankfully, the jury has today rightly considered Robert Hughes guilty of exposing himself to Sarah Monohan as a child. Sarah has bravely come out and brought this man to justice, and has also assisted other victims to come forward. Robert Hughes is the very worst kind of child sex offender. He admits to nothing, and presents himself as the victim. His blatant disregard for women and girls shows in his arrogant belief that he could convince a jury that a group of women could all be nothing other than attention seeking fantasist. What a horrible human being! Even now, he shows a complete absence of remorse via refusing to even acknowledge ‘one’. or even one ‘aspect’ of his crimes. Good on you Sarah. It cannot have been easy. I am living in Melbourne, and I just hope this creep gets the years he deserves.

  • Jo

    Beautiful brave Sarah. I am sure the past month has been exceptionally challenging and tough. But the result is worth it all, I am sure. Thank you for being such an inspiration for all of us!

  • Lisa

    Big, brave words from a brave “man” sitting behind a keyboard “Elvis”! The people that knew what was going on are as guilty, if not worse, than him!
    Go get a job, a life and a moral compass! You’re a sad troll!

  • Jo Norris

    I believed what u were saying from the first word that came out of your mouth, Sarah, you r a trually brave woman, i hope you can now find peace,happiness, and knowing that those close to your hearts, ALWAYS believed in you,be at peace now, and know that you started this, and now its hopefully over, you can take to ur heart that most of Australia is behind you,. , another one is thankfully off our streets, he cant hurt anyone ever again.

  • elizabeth

    Sarah i work as a prosecutor including prosecuting sex offences and i think you are an amazing woman. God bless you for your courage and for everything you have done for other victims. Not only have you protected other women and children in the future from this depraved man and helped his other victims find a way forward but you also are an example and inspiration to others to give them courage to speak up . Brave wonderful girl.

  • Tracy Rayner

    Well done girl 🙂 To you and all the people that came forward for you, Well done.
    Now let him rot in hell and you make sure you try move on and enjoy the rest of your life x

  • Veronica…

    Sarah – so wonderful to see you on ACA last night with your cast mates. Although I’ve read about the case, to hear you speak was incredibly moving. And – it was wonderful to hear Ben speak with such integrity. I recognise the past 4 years must have been very challenging for you and your cast mates. But I’m so grateful that you chose to go public. It reminds me of the quote: “When good men do nothing, evil triumphs.”

    Well you did something Sarah, You did something absolutely amazing and brought this man to justice. Good has triumphed over evil this time and the world is a better place because of you.

    Wishing you a world of happiness…

  • Pix Jonasson

    Hi Sarah, You are a strong woman and deserve happiness. Two years ago I
    first heard of White Balloon Day. I have since organised WBD events in
    Port Macquarie in 2011 and 2012. Last year (2013) we had a breakfast for 300
    people, with Hetty Johnston as one of our guest speakers. We raised
    awareness and funds (over $15,000). It was amazing. We are making kids
    on the beautiful Mid North Coast more aware and safer.

  • Rachelle

    Elvis, AKA Robert Hughes?
    if not you are just supporting a sicko!

  • Stephen Bala

    Congratulations for having the courage to stand up for what is right. I grew up watching “Hey Dad”. I was appalled to hear what you and other young girls went through, and that those that should have protected you chose to put television ratings first. I have a daughter who is about to turn four. Thank you for making the world a little bit safer place for her.
    All the best for the future,
    Stephen Bala

    P.S. Don’t forget Australia – we need people like you.

  • waterlily

    Sarah I really hope you are reading this, I want to tell you are an extraordinary, courageous woman for coming forward as you have done, and the other women are equally as brave for speaking out and putting themselves through the court process which must have been brutal. As a fellow survivor I’ve watched with interest. A lot of things disturbed me about this case. The initial backlash you got for speaking out, many seemed to automatically assume that you were lying. This baffles me – who would make something like that up and deliberately put themselves out there for such negative attention? Whenever a public figure is accused the default position of the masses is that the victim must be lying and that’s worrying in this day and age.

    Another concern is that people on that it seems the industry shielded him from the consequences of his actions, and enabled him to keep doing what he was doing because nobody wanted to piss off the tv star or his powerful wife.

    Sorry to say this, but any adult in that cast or crew who knew ‘something’ was going on, even if they didn’t know the extent of it had an obligation to do something about it. Instead it seems to have been accepted as part of the culture of the show that he was ‘a bit dodgy’ And actually, that extends to the community and family of the abuser too. People who enable abusers need to be held accountable. Deliberate denial when you’ve seen or heard the same thing over and over again from different people should not be an option. It doesn’t make them responsible, but they are protecting the one who is, and making it possible for him to keep doing it. Without being enabled he may have been forced to stop years earlier. Even now, the industry is ostracising those cast members that have publicly given you support. Its horrendous.

    I had a look at some of your links to other high profile cases, and I agree that Australia does have a culture of protecting high-profile paedophiles. The sentence that judge got was ridiculous. We need to stop doing this, and stop the backlash on those who speak out. Because then people don’t speak out, and justice doesn’t get done.

    Again, thank you. You’ve helped to redress the massive injustice and culture of silence and shame that goes on with this sort of thing. For once, justice has been done and we can only hope that the sentence is a long one. I hope that one day I can speak out too. I wish you peace and love for the future.

  • waterlily

    Hmmm, not sure if my original comment was moderated or just did not get through? Strange if it was moderated when I was showing support for Sarah and commenting on some of the more disturbing aspects of the case. I think you are a courageous person who has gone some way into restoring the imbalance between influential people and their victims, and you should be proud of yourself. You give hope to all survivors that there is justice out there in the world, even if only sometimes.

    If you hadn’t spoken up I wonder if anyone else currently living in Australia would have done it, or if they would have been too scared of the backlash? Its a scary thought that if you hadn’t spoken up he probably would have lived out his life never being punished for his actions.

    I also want to say that people who protect paedophiles should be held accountable too, no they are not responsible for that person’s behaviour but he was protected within the industry and the community which enabled him to keep doing what he did. I wish you much peace, love and success Sarah.

  • Sarah Monahan Morris

    Sorry about the delay. I have all comments pending because of the huge amount of spam… I normally get to them quicker, but was traveling the last couple of days.
    Thanks for all your support!