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Happy Halloween!

It’s All Hallows Eve!

Well, it’s finally Halloween here in the US. I love Halloween. Everybody dresses up and parties. Communities get together and decorate, and kids get to go out and meet their neighbours. I wish I was at home instead of out of town for work, because people in my area go nuts. They decorate elaborately for weeks, and set up mini theme parks in their garages.

The grown up all have dress up parties, and try to outdo each other in the outfits. People make cute themed food and drinks, and there’s lots of fun and excitement.

When I was a kid in Australia, I so wished we had Halloween the way the Americans do. It seemed like such a fun event. I was so happy when I got here and found out it really was, and wasn’t just something made big for TV...

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Dive in to Splash

So anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a bit of a reality TV tragic. I figure the format isn’t going to go away, so you may as well embrace it. Besides, some of it is interesting. A lot of scripted TV shows just don’t hold my attention anymore, or they become so predictable it’s boring.

So tonight, when presented with the choice of my old favourite NCIS, or reality selections including a Kardashian special, Hell’s Kitchen, The Voice or Splash, I started out on the Kardashians, well, mainly because I had been watching E! news and it just came on. That’s when I looked at the TV guide...

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Election 2012

Douchebaggery in Political Elections

The 2012 Election campaign is in full swing in the US. While there are in fact FOURTEEN people currently running for President of the United States, the media would have you believe there was only TWO people running – Obama and Romney.

I run in all kinds of circles, but most of my friends are big Ron Paul supporters. He ran in the last election as a Libertarian. Everyone loved him, but they all considered a Libertarian vote a wasted vote, so they voted Republican. This time, Ron Paul is running as a Republican, but the media has done their best to ignore his existence. They still want the American public to believe there’s only two options, Obama and Romney...

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