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We got a boat!

We bought a boat! It's a Meridian 411 and we love her. Read More

Trump Won. Now What?

The Donald has won the US election. What now? Will the world really end like celebrities are predicting, or will it all be fine?Read More

Hollywood Body Dismorphia

The obsession with women’s figures

I’m so glad I’m no longer in the spotlight. I enjoy eating, and I don’t center my life around the gym. I’m not fat, but I’m no supermodel either. Even though I fluctuate between a US size 4 and 6, by Hollywood standards, I’d be obese. I would be fat shamed, ala Selena Gomez, who dared to put on a couple of pounds. Something most women do. Especially when they’re on vacation, or heaven forbid, get past the age of 18.


Taken from a site body shaming Selena by showing her weight gain.

All over the news lately I’ve seen unflattering pics of Selena. Yes, she gained a few pounds, but I certainly don’t consider her fat. She’s just lost tone. But the media will tear her apart for “getting fat” and letting herself go.

Most actresses and singers who became famous as...

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An Open Secret

An Open Secret finally to be screened.

Director Amy Berg made a documentary about a subject that nobody in the entertainment industry wants you to see.

You can see more about the movie at the official An Open Secret site here.

The movie had trouble finding distribution initially. Nobody in Hollywood wants this exposed. Even though everyone knows about the casting couch, people like to pretend that it’s just young starlets who are willing to sleep with a producer to get a part. Nobody wants to admit that it goes much deeper. That very young children are being abused. That young boys are being abused.

It’s important that people see there’s more to Hollywood than red carpets and award ceremonies...

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The Emporer’s new dress

Naked is the not so new black

So everyone is just in awe of Beyonce being almost naked on the red carpet at the Met Gala, in her mosquito net with sequins attached in just the right places.


Beyonce at the Met Gala 2015

I get it. She has an amazing body, and wants to show it off. With two other people there in nearly identical nude dresses, I wouldn’t really say that she’s doing anything that amazing. Even bigger LOLs at the peeps who are trying to claim that Kim Kardashian ripped off her look. It’s kind of hard to rip off someone’s look, when you’re at the same event.


Kim K and JLo in matching sheer booties

Even more amusing, is all the haters trolling Jelena Karleusa...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2014


Since living in America, I have come to love Thanksgiving. It’s a non religious holiday, so it’s the one holiday that every single American celebrates. It’s a day when everyone gets together, has a huge meal, and just enjoys the day. There’s no gifts, no cards, no commercialism. – That comes the next day, on Black Friday. I really love that there’s a day where everyone just gets together, and thinks about all the things that they’re grateful for.

I’m Thankful for a lot this year. After four years of dealing with the Hey Dad thing, it’s finally over. I’ve had a few months to decompress, and put things in perspective. It was a long process, and I know it was important, but I am very glad it’s over...

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Breaking Twitter

Last night on Twitter

I am so pleased all the other girls made it to court yesterday to see Robert being sentenced. I would have really liked to have been there to see him hide in his corner in the dock. Kudos to whoever it was that decided to put the press in the jury stand, directly opposite him. Even though I couldn’t be there, it was awesome being able to watch it all unfold in real time on Twitter.

It seemed like there was thousands of tweets about the case last night. I’m sure some people were thrilled by the new mute button! There was so many tweets, and me retweeting as many as I could, this happened:

trendingThere was some outstanding tweets coming from the journo stand, but I have to give it to Jodie Speers. She was on it! She was constantly updating, and was super professional...

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Real Friends v’s Faux Friends

How to tell the difference between real friends and faux friends

imageI checked the mail when I went home at lunch, and I had a package. My friend Carissa had sent me the Woman’s Day issue with Robert’s niece in it. She also made me cookies and put in some Rescue Remedy. Carissa is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. We went to High School together at Meriden. We had lost touch, but had gotten back in touch before I went public. When I did go public, Carissa was always there, checking up on me. She’d let me know when people were talking about it on the radio. She was always making sure I was doing OK, and sending me hugs. When I go home to Australia, she’s the first one to offer me a ride to and from the airport. She takes me out to eat. She makes me cupcakes...

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Crazy kids….

Beliebers and Directioners, what’s wrong with them?

Male singers and boy bands have always had legions of screaming fans. New Kids on the Block, Westlife, Boys to Men, even way back in the age of The Beatles and Elvis, girls were crying hysterically and fainting at the sight of their chosen singing Idol. Girls packed airports, hoping to catch a glimpse of their crush as they landed for a tour. They saved for weeks to buy tickets to see them in concert. Groupies devised ways to get a little closer to their chosen tasty treat. There’s all kinds of movies depicting what went on behind the scenes of bands that catered to theĀ  18-30 crowd.

But I wonder if women were always this psycho and bitchy about bands, or if we’re only just now seeing it because of social media...

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Starting a bucket list

You’re never too young to start working on your bucket list.

My dad was 36 when he died. He died 13 days after his 36th birthday. He had cardiomyopathy, and it was his 3rd heart attack that killed him. He taught me an important lesson, which I’ve never really put into practice, but now that I’m only 3 months away from being the same age he was when he died, I’m going to start putting those lessons into practice.

Dad could have had a heart transplant, but he would have had to change his lifestyle. He was a fashion designer. He loved to travel. He went to Disneyland 11 times. He was a bit of an alco, and he had a mistress. But he packed more into his 36 years than some people pack into 90...

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