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Wild Horses Movie Review

Wild Horses

Have you ever seen a movie so horrifically bad, you feel compelled to warn others not to waste two hours of their lives?

This movie, Wild Horses, stars Robert Duvall. He’s an American legend. Usually, his stuff is amazing. Somehow though, in between writing, directing, and starring in this movie, he completely failed. His biggest fail was casting his wife as one of the main characters. Luciana Pedraza, aka Luciana Duvall, plays a Texas Ranger so wooden, Pinocchio looks real by comparison. The only other movie she has been in was another Robert Duvall movie. Look Robert, I get you love your wife, but that doesn’t mean she can, or should, act in your movie.

I wanted to turn the movie off after the first 10 minutes, but I held out forĀ James Franco and Josh Harnett...

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Flying frustrations

Pacific Wings

How I wanted to love you Pacific Wings/ Sun Air International. You’re a small plane at a tiny airport. Hearing you existed in my small town gave me visions of that great 1980’s TV sitcom, Wings.

When my husband assured his boss that by leaving San Antonio and it’s big international airport he could still get around, we had no idea… His first flight to Houston went fine. He said it was cute. But then he tried to return. Granted, there was a bad storm, and I fully understand your not wanting to fly. You even did the right thing, and gave your 6 passengers a cab. He got some random cabbie from a far off nation, who didn’t understand road rules, or stripes, or accelerators...

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Accurate geography in reporting

When reporters can’t use a map

I know I shouldn’t let it bother me so much, but since just loves to make a huge point of everytime an American report screws up geography about Australia, I feel it’s probably time someone pointed out when they drop the geographic ball.

Now, I know that some people in Australia think that in the US there’s LA on one side, NY on the other side, and not a whole lot in between, except for Texas. But that doesn’t mean that everything that doesn’t happen in LA or NY is therefor in Texas.

This case first came to my attention a couple months ago, because Calhoun County in Texas is in my area of operations at work. I read the article out to everyone, because we couldn’t believe we hadn’t heard about it, but it was on an Australian news site. Then when th...

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Tiny House Movement

Joining the tiny house movement, kinda.

I’m pretty excited to see that there’s about to be a TV show starting called Tiny House Nation on FYI channel.


John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation

I’m a huge fan of the Tiny House movement. I also love Earthships, Eco Domes and other forms of natural building. I love the idea of being off-grid, and leaving a smaller footprint. I’m not into stuff. I don’t collect designer handbags or watches. I don’t covet expensive things. I don’t need a mega mansion. I’d rather use my money to travel, or have experiences. I’d rather collect memories than stuff that will just sit on a shelf somewhere.

I first got interested in Earthships several years ago. I was wondering what we could build down at the ranch...

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House for sale in San Antonio. NE side, easy access to Fort Sam Houston, Randolph AFB, RackSpace, Immigration, the airport, or right onto IH-35 and up to Austin.Read More

Exciting Day at Work

Love my job


We had a super exciting day at work yesterday. We had a visit from a group of Brazilian Military officials, with their NCIS attache. The Brazilians were the nicest group of people, and what we thought would be “death by powerpoint” turned out to be an awesome day. We all swapped FB details and instagrammed ourselves! After lunch, I came back to the office and found a bunch of NCIS goodies on my chair, which thrilled me to bits, cause I’m a huge NCIS fan, and to have the real life NCIS guys here, and get a cap from the real NCIS and not a TV show one was incredible!

As a kid I so badly wanted to be in the military when I grew up, and every now and then I wake up and realize I’m living the dream.

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Thank you QANTAS!

Why I love flying the Roo.

If you follow me on Twitter or FaceBook, you’ll know I was back in Australia last week. I’ll write a different post about that later, but for now, I wanted to send a shout out to the crew of QF7, the flight from Sydney to Dallas on Monday, March 18.

I had used my American points to book my trip to Oz. It doesn’t let you book Premium Economy, which sucks, cause I really wanted to try that out. However, I saw a business class flight on the way to Oz, so I snagged it. I booked in economy on the way home, cause that’s all there was. I was happy to be able to try out QF8 and QF7, because the direct flight from Texas saved me about 16 hrs in layovers in cities like LAX.

So, Business class on the way over was amazing...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s almost 2013….

Matt & I are out at the ranch, trying to get some work done on the camp out here. I turned on my live stream from 2DayFM and realized its already New Years Eve in Australia.

Without a doubt, Sydney has the best New Year’s Eve party in the world. The problem with growing up in Sydney, is that any other NYE party seems lame in comparison… When I explain to people here the massive scale of the fireworks, all over the Harbour, with a live simulcast on the radio, with everything choreographed, people are amazed, and jealous. I just don’t get the oohing and aahing over the ball drop in New York. The 15 minute display of fireworks in other cities, that just seem like someone sets off random boxes doesn’t compare.

Tomorrow it’ll be NYE here in America...

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ICE arrests convicted sex offenders

ICE teams throughout Texas arrest 50 convicted sex offenders and other criminal aliens

This is awesome! Every day at work I read reports of aliens caught on the Border who have some kind of criminal conviction, usually pretty terrible ones. The USBP Agents and the other law enforcement Agents do their best, but so many just keep on slipping through. The US Marshals do round ups, and sometimes we just get them by chance, while they’re doing something else stupid, like Drinking and Driving. It seems like ICE has had their hands tied for a while, but after they came out against the Administration a month or so ago, complaining they were being prevented from doing their jobs, they’ve been going into overtime, making up for lost time. It’s super busy right now...

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The New Idea Article

New Idea Article

Here’s the New Idea article for those that missed it. The guys in the photo are not in my unit, they’re all Public Affair Officers. We were at a conference with the National Guard that weekend.

My home unit now has 3 Aussie in it! One day I’ll post pics of us all together on here.


^ Click on the link above to see the PDF version. It’s much easier to read.

I’ve really enjoyed the Guard. I’ve even got 2 ribbons already! Now I just need to get a dress uniform so I can wear them.

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