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New Twitter Accounts

Hey Everyone,

while I’m loving life here in sunny Palm Beach, and my amazing husband has allowed me to not work and just be one of those ladies who goes to pilates everyday, I’ve decided it’s time to get my other passions going again. You know, the stuff I was trying to work on before I was forced to put everything on hold for four years.

GDI’m going to slowly start diving again, and I’ll post up my adventures on my other site, Going Down. There’s a new twitter handle to go with that site, @GoingDownOnline So, if you’re into scuba stuff, or just wanna see me drowning, follow along there.

My other site, ShrimpTank, which was my old company is going to get re-done as a fashion blog. Not just any fashion, but about clothes for tiny people like me...

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Anatomie Style

Have clothes will travel.

I just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Anatomie Style.

I travel a lot these days, and thanks to Travel Fashion Girl and her awesome website, I’m learning to pack even smaller bags than I used to. I’ve always liked the concept of a capsule wardrobe, and living full time in an RV, culling my closet is kind of essential. I also hate lugging my clothes to the laundromat, and I actually enjoy hand washing my clothes in my Laundry Pod. It’s good exercise.

So lots of the travel guru’s raved about Anatomie pants. They can be hand washed, and air dry super quick. They’re ultra light weight, but still look like dress pants. I found a deal on line at Neiman Marcus Last Call, and I ordered a couple pair, to see if they were worth the price.

They arrived, and I love...

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Why I’m conflicted over the #AskHerMore campaign

So it started in 2014. People thought that there was sexism on the red carpet at awards events, because people asked women about what they were wearing, but didn’t ask men the same questions.

I get that women want to be treated as equals. It must annoy married couples who walk the carpet, or attend junkets, and when they compare questions at the end of the day, she was asked questions about whether or not she wore spanx, and he was asked about what role he wants to take on next. I get it, the women don’t want to be reduced to nothing more than a mannequin.

But I’m also conflicted. These are people who are on a red carpet, attending an awards ceremony. They are people who play make believe for a living...

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Towels – Beach or Bath?

Beach towels and bath towels

As I lay in the tub in the RV tonight, looking at the two towels on the hooks, it got me thinking.
Why is there a difference between beach towels and bath towels? Why is it socially unacceptable to use a bath towel at the beach, and vice versa in the bathroom?
When we got the new RV, we bought some really like Calvin Klein sheets and towels. Around the same time, I had seen some really nice coach beach towels that I thought would look great in the bathroom. Sure, they’re supposed to be beach towels, but they’re soft and pretty, and the browns match my RV fabulously. Why can’t I be a rebel and have beach towels in my bathroom? Who made that a thing anyway?
It’s probably some consumerist marketing ploy to make people buy more stuff.

So I’m going to live by my ow...

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Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

So this is super exciting. While most of us only dream of being special enough to actually attend Fashion Week and see all the designs up close as the models sashay down the runway, this year they’ve decided to make it easier for all of us normal people to get a taste of the action.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will be livestreaming the events. So now, whether you’re stuck at work, or like me, living overseas, you can still see the action. Invite a few friends over, pop a few bottles of champagne, and have your own Fashion Week party!

You can find the calendar of events and the livestream access at

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Fashion Week v’s The Logies

Fashion Disaster or Awesome Opportunity?

Logies Red Carpet Lets face it, while the Logies are fun, and a cute little get together for Australian talent, along with the seemingly obligatory international act and guest presenter, the Logies isn’t a big deal outside of Australia.

Sure, everyone gets together, has a drink, there’s some awards passed out, but it’s not the Oscars,  the Emmy’s, the SAG Awards or the Bafta’s. The event isn’t televised around the world, with hundreds of millions of people watching from all over the globe.

So when Australian Fashion week falls on the same week as the Logies, I can understand why the big designers aren’t falling over themselves to make sure the locals are wearing their stuff. They simply have a bigger event going on. One that WILL be seen all over the world.

But, wh...

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